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LeetStreet Boys Album #4 Kickstarter

The anime otaku band LeetStreet Boys are backing and looking to fund a fourth album.  After getting together to release their new Pocky Girl, they got excited to do another album.  They need to raise $9,001 for this album.  The band already has the gear and experience they need.  They just need the money to focus full-time on the album and have a back up in case of a disaster.  They can do this, they just need the money.  They have turned to Kickstarter for the first time to help them out.

See you soon!

By pledging $1 you get their new single “Pocky Girl” on MP3 (no immaterial “thank you” reward you actually get something for $1).  Other rewards are the digital album,  karaoke tracks, their other albums both digital and physical, thanked in the liner notes, access to song demos to give feed back on, get composer Matthew Myers to come to your con or event, they will write and produce a song of your design, the band will perform at your con, event, or private party.

The stretch goals for the project are an animated music video of one of the songs and physical CDs.

So far they have only been able to raise $2,873 (as of this writing).  The Kickstarter has only four more days to go.  The band has not gotten a chance to really tour or perform anywhere for a while and have started to wonder if anyone really cares about their music or at least willing to help them make it.  They is a good chance to help out a band for all the music they have given out over the years and get some stuff for yourself.  You have until Feburary 26th at 9:45AM EST.


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LeetStreet Boys Will Be Going On Hiatus

LeetStreet Boys is an otaku themed band that gained fans with their music and animated videos.  The “band” consists of singer, songwriter, and face of the band Matt with Frogs the producer, guitarist, and bassist.  They use the idea of a fictious version of their band in their videos, merch, and webcomic, but really they are the two who make all the music.  They first came to fame with  Yuri The Only One in 2008 and have released three albums and plenty more music videos.

Last week Matt made an announcement concerning the band’s future.  They are going to end the band after releasing one more song.

He cites the difficulties in booking at conventions even with their strong fan base.  He has mentioned in the past cons not realizing the difficulty in reproducing the music of the band live when booking.  They have not been able to play live in over a year.  Resulting in a lack of chances to mingle with fans and lost chances to sell their merchandize.

Matt has decided to focus on his career as a music composer and producer.  He has produced music for a number of games, commercials, and other projects.  You can find more info on his work at his website.

You will still be able to buy their CDs, posters, buttons, and games they worked on at their site.  At least till they run out.

If you would like to send your thoughts, comments, or questions to the band, contact them on their website or Facebook page and they will do their best to get back to you.

This looks like more of a temporary situation, well that is probably what they want it to be.  They will hopefully be back with more music in the future.  They just need a little down time.


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Black Friday Deals

With today being Black Friday, which is not the biggest shopping day of the year, I decided to gather some links to various artists doing special deals.  Most are only good for today, but some go till Small Business Saturday or to Cyber Monday, so hurry and get what you can.

The Whomping Willows Black Friday sale has everything (CDs, t-shirts, hoodie) for just $5 + shipping.

All music at Gamechops is 50% with code “thankyou.”

All Mega Ran music, including pre-orders, is also 50%.

All Mikal kHill products are 50% off this week, plus t-shirts are reduced to $10 before the discount.  Also when you buy any one physical item get an exclusive kHillcast CD-R with special mix of music, unreleased demos, and music from the new group he is starting.  Just use the code ” FUCKWALMART2X”

Abney Park is doing their Black Friday sale this year.  CDs and novels for just $10, figurines for $5, and dog tags for $9.

Get brentalfloss music 55% with code “wishbones55.”

Get all three of the LeetStreet Boys albums for $30, including shipping.

The Black FuMPDay Sale has select items in the FuMP store 20% to 40% off.  Items include albums from Baldbox, Carrie Dahlby, Cirque du So What?, Devo Spice, great Luke Ski, Possible Oscar, Sudden Death, Worm Quartet, and all the Best of the FuMP albums.

Luke Ski also has all his CDs for $8 and DVDs for $12.

MC Lars is also doing a 50% off sell on everything.

Video Game Music Bundles has five albums for $1 or twenty-four albums for $10.

DFTBA is offering $3 shipping to anywhere in the world.  They have albums by Chameleon Circuit, Alex Day, ALL CAPS, Harry Potter Alliance, Epic Rap Battles of History, and more.

Draco and the Malfoys are offering free shipping in the US and half off shipping outside of the US.

Professor Shyguy is selling his two albums for $5 and his acoustic and instrumental albums for $2.50

The Megas have 50% off their digital downloads with the code “blackandblue”.  Plus the Robot Sketch t-shirts are off 50% at their store.


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LeetStreet Boys Music Video Announced

The otaku band LeetStreet Boys recently announced the up coming release of their latest animated music video.  The video is “Imaginary Boys” from their recent L3g3nds album.  This will be their 5th music video since the band’s first release and hit Yuri The Only One in 2008.

LeetStreet Boys strives for a sound reminiscent of anime and video game soundtracks with their own style with lyrics about otaku dating, humor, and as many anime/video game/internet references that they can make.  They have released three albums, host their own webcomic, helped with soundtracks for games, and have worked in a range of media.

The video will premiere at this year’s Otakon in Baltimore, MD on August 10th, 2013 during Otakon’s fan parody block.  The block will be showing fan submitted and created parodies, trailers, shorts, live action fan films, and fan dubs on a big screen for everyone on Saturday night.  The music video will be shown at 10pm   It will be put up on YouTube the following weekend.

LeetStreet hired quality animators for this video.  They are saying that this is the best video the band has put out yet and will take the band to “the next level.”  I am looking forward to see what makes this video so special.  I have enjoyed LeetStreet’s music in the past.  I find it both fun and easy to listen too, if with a bit of nonsensical lyrics.

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Top 10 Convention Songs

As this year get’s going, nerds every where make plans to attend conventions of all kinds and all places.  So while you make plans, or just dream of attending that one awesome con that looks so cool but you can not make it to, here are some songs to play to help you get excited.

1. Welcome to the Con by Ookla the Mok is definitely #1 for me.  truly an anthem for conventions, and geek life in general.  Cons should all start by playing this song.

2. Mega Ran/Random shares some tips for going to cons he has developed over the years in Contact.  I feel they are more focused to bigger cons, but really do apply to all cons out there.

3. Convention by Nuclear Bubble Wrap

4. The Leetstreet Boys have a number of songs related to otaku fandom and life, several talking about cons.  Masquerade is a love song about finding love at a con’s costume contest only to have it crushed.  Fun, upbeat, kind of sweet, and a little heartfelt.

5. At the Con by Possible Oscar from the album Wrath of Con shares some of the best advice for con going out there; “What happens at the con, stays at the con; That’s all the information you need.”  Beside where else would you go to hear about Sailor Moon in the hot tub with Frodo.

6. A couple of years ago during before PAX (Prime), someone posted on Craigslist inviting people to a “friendly adult party” aka an orgy during the con.  This lead to at least one rapper, Beefy, writing a song about it, PAXXX.  Good song once you get past the horror of the whole thing.

7. Con Suite by Max DeGroot with Rhubarb of Foxamoore and Rhubarb and Carrie Dahlby of Carrie Dahlby deals with some troubles of someone stealing fromt he con suite, where food is there for everyone.  Furry focused, but I think we all get it.

8. Not really a brony or fan of their music myself, but The Convention is great for any fandom.  Each pony represents a different type of con goer.  Which pony are, I appear to be a Rainbow Dash.  It being a parody of an actual My Little Pony song makes it even better.  Though I do have to take points off for some of the back-handed insults the chorus members sing.

9. I Wanna Go To The Con by Hello, The Future! is a nice parody using music from Brittney Spears to discuss a fans feelings and thoughts about planning a trip to a convention.  I heard this version before Brittney’s so when I heard I was a bit confused and thought she was saying she wanted to go to a con too.

10. Finnally Devo Spice, Luke Ski, and a Dalek share with us parties and other night-time happenings of cons with The Geeks Come Out At Night.  Learn about what happens when the sun goes down on a convention and why that guy probably did not need to make a Craigslist post trying to arrange an orgy.





I just compared myself to one of the characters on My Little Pony didn’t I.  Tezuka dammit.



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