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Call for Contributors

I have decided to getting around to asking if anyone would be interested in helping me out with this blog.  I am looking for contributors that are willing to make posts on any nerdy and geeky music topics.  I do this as a hobby, for fun, and to help work through my anxiety by having something that I can try to do.   The point of that is that I am not looking for a lot from anyone just wondering if anyone might like to work with me on this.

If you are interested read below for what I am looking for.

What kind of articles I am looking for.

1. News on what different acts are up to

2. Album reviews

3. Up coming tours, events, cons, and shows

4. Reviews of said events

5. Interviews if you can get them.

6. Spotlight newer and less well-known acts

7. Music Top 10 Lists ideas

8. Press Releases you may find

What I am not looking for.

1. Self-promotion

2. Non nerd music topics

What you need to be able to do.

1. Write an article that is long enough to get the info across but short enough not to be a bother to read.

2. Basic level grammar and spelling: if you can get at least an 80% on an English test you should be good, there is a Spelling and Grammar checker built-in WordPress that can help you out.  Though the difference between its, it’s, their, there, your, and you’re.  Do not use “literally” when you mean “figuratively” and we should get along fine.

3. Be knowledgeable, insightful, and humorous (without telling jokes):

I do not expect stuff everyday, or even every week (it would be great though if you did).  If you can get me a post every month or so is all I am asking.  If you just have one article you want to write on some topic, I will post that too.

Send an e-mail to with the “Writing for Music Blog” in subject and we can talk.




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