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Celtic Avalon

Heather Dale has been a Celtic songwriter and touring musician for 15 years.  She launched her first crowd-sourcing fundraiser campaign this month on Indiegogo.  It goes until Friday March 21st.

The funding campaign is for three things.  The Celtic Avalon touring show,  a musical stage show retelling the legend of King Arthur set to tour North America in 2015.  A professionally produced concert DVD.  And finally a special Youth Educational Program offered to schools during the tour.
Perks for backing this project are: $20 get an MP3 album of Heather’s “The Legends of Arthur” book and exclusive King Arthur song, $45 add in a copy of the Celtic Avalon show on DVD, $75 add in two of Heather’s MP3 albums of your choice,  and at $100 add in a VIP Package with premium seating to the live show, a pre-show visit with Heather, and poster signed by the cast.  From there each level does not keep adding up, you get everything thing at the $100 and bonus that level has, and are of limited quantities.  $225 gets you a custom voicemail message plus set of 20 ringtones, $350 you get a handwritten letter with song lyrics of your choice, $500 and Heather will make a video of her playing any five songs of your choice, $750 and she will record three original songs of your own creation, $800 she will make you your own cloak based on a King Arthur character, $1,000 will bring a concert and in class program to the school of your choice, and at $3,00 she will marry you…… to someone else.
She has already raised (at time of writing) $11,659 of the $40,000.  Now Indiegogo is different from Kickstarter in that you do not have to meet your goal.  You will get whatever you perk level you backed no matter the outcome.  So get in there and help support an interesting and educational project.  There is much more about it at the site so go check it out if you are not sure or at least spread the word around.

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Top 10 Tolkien Music List to Have Second Breakfast To

J R R Tolkien’s work “The Hobbit” and the Lord of the Rings trilogy are basically the birth of modern fantasy work.  It has spawned much analysis, art, games, and movies.  So of course there is plenty of fan music inspired by this work.

1. Lord of the Rhymes the masters of Hobbit rap

2. Marc Gunn’s Well Dressed Hobbit and Don’t Go Drinking with Hobbits.

3. Middle Earth Needs Me by the Consortium of Genius does not just talk about Tolkien works, but is still very cool.

4. The Lonely Mountain Band a Tolkien inspired folk band made up of members of the Celtic rock band Fathom.

5. great Luke Ski’s Stealing Like a Hobbit

6. Brobdingnagian Bards take traditional Irish and Scottish folk songs, mix it up with Lord of the Rings music to create a unique brand of Celtic Filk.

7. A Middle Earth-themed lyrical throw down called Goblin Town with INT80 of Dual Core, Adam Warrock, YTCracker, and Dale Chase.

8. The Hobbit Song by Cossbysweater

9. Here is a list of Lord of the Rings filk, though you have to make the music yourself.

10. Flight of the Concords Bret McKenzie has appeared in the first and third films in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, so them doing  Frodo, Don’t Wear the Ring takes on another level.

Honorable Mention: Goes to these ten hard rock songs that each drawn from the works of Tolkien in their own way.  Which is only the tip of the iceberg on hard rock, heavy metal, and similar bands with Lord of the Rings influence.

No mention: Goes to Leonard Nimoy singing “The Ballard of Bilbo Baggins.”

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