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Retro Sherbet: 90s Themed Album by Geek Pop Artist

Meri Amber is an Australian geek pop singer songwriter with a new album of 90s inspired songs called Retro Sherbet.  The songs are less directly about video games or TV shows, but instead is more thematically inspired by them for something differently we get on here.

She wrote, recorded and produced all the songs. Plus she wrote, sketched, inked and colored an accompanying comic called Arcade Horrors.  After reading it I look forward to more of Meri’s music.

She will be touring around Australia (and New Zealand) promoting the album at conventions the next few months.

Retro Sherbet is a 90s inspired album by geek pop songstress Meri Amber. The majority of the content was originally written as part of the FAWM (February Album Writing Month) challenge and then refined for over a year. The songs cover not only themes from the decade but themes from Meri’s personal experience of the decade, namely, childhood.
If you listen to the album from the beginning to the end then you’ll see there is an over-arching plotline that’s being run. You can almost follow the protagonist through their ups and downs as if they’re living out their lives in the 90s era. The musical arrangements and style are inspired by many famous 90s songs and the overall feel of the decade. The general sound of the album could be described as fun, bright and retro pop.
But, as you’d expect from Meri, there’s no lack of geeky or pop culture references. Songs are written inspired by everything from games like Tamagotchi, Minesweeper and Block Breaker, to TV shows like Pokemon, Dragonball Z and Xena, to cultural references like Walkie Talkies, Rom-Com films, Bubble Tape, filmstrip cameras and Tazos.
Whatever your experience of the 90s was and whatever your experience of childhood was, there are stories and songs in Retro Sherbet that are bound to make you reminisce, giggle and crazy-dance in the street.

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Marian Call: Concerts, New album, & David Bowie

Marian Call is in Austin Texas working on her new studio album.  She will be doing some special shows to test out the new music and get some feed back from fans.  So if you are in Austin or Dallas you can be some of the first to hear some new music, unless you are already a member of her Donors’ Circle.

She will also be at a few conventions this summer.  The dates and tickets can be found on her website or Facebook.

  • Austin, TX // 06.12.15 // Blackerby Violin Concert Hall, FULL BAND SHOW, 7:30pm – tickets!!!
  • Dallas, TX  // 06.14.15 // Poor David’s Pub, FULL BAND SHOW, 7:30pm
  • Indianapolis, IN // 07.03.15-07.05.15  // InConjunction!
  • Los Angeles, CA // 07.08.15 // SPACE TIME, a showcase of music & storytelling with special guests!  Like Nicole Dieker, Josh A. Cagan, Mars scientists Dr. Kimberly, Scott Maxwell  Room 5, 7pm, tickets available soon here
  • San Diego, CA // 07.09.15-07.12.15 //  San Diego Comic-Con. Marian will be sharing Booth 1137 with Alaska Robotics.
  • San Diego, CA // 07.10.15 // SPACE TIME With guests Molly Lewis, Josh Cagan, and Nicole Dieker, 98 Bottles (in Little Italy on the metro line), 7pm, tickets
  • Seattle, WA // 07.28.15 // Jewelbox Theater, 7pm, tickets
  • Snowbird Resort, UT // 07.31.15-08.02.15 // Nerdtacular!

And coming up just a little down the road:

  • Anchorage and Fairbanks, AK // September — exact dates & cities TBA, but if you want a house concert or a party or a show near you, get in touch!  I’ll be up with Seth Boyer!
  • East Coast US and TX // October — from Atlanta to Boston along the coast, and maybe a little more in between. Get in touch to schedule something fun!

Marian, Molly Lewis, and Seth Boyer have done a re-write and music video of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” using only the 1,000 most common words in the English Language.  You can even find it on David Bowie’s website.  The end audio clip is of Sally Ride.

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Musician Dances With Stormtroopers, Knights & Superheroes in Music Video

November 5TH, 2014 (Sydney, Australia) –  Geek pop singer-songwriter Meri Amber, who has been described as a ‘comic book Taylor Swift’ (OpJam), has recently toured comic conventions and pop culture expos around Australia promoting her Super EP CD on her Super Tour. She collected footage featuring cosplayers and guests from these events dancing and singing along to her song ‘Kudos’ and has just released the music video for ‘Kudos’ with this footage.

The events featured in the video include Book Expo Australia, Canberra Zine Fair, Oz Comic-Con Brisbane, Oz Comic-Con Sydney, Amber’s private Super EP launch party in Moo Burger and Armageddon. The video starts by explaining that the ‘Kudos’ video is a homage to all the people that made the events go off and watching the video gives a colourful insight into the bright world of geek culture in Australia.

Kudos has been described as ‘a tribute to the truism that there’s more to life than just success’ (Pop Mythology) and as an ‘accomplished look at the insecurities many of us face in life and the support we receive from our friends’ (The Unheard Nerd). The song emphasizes how small actions of friendship like ‘random Snapchats’ and ‘teaching [a friend] foosball’ can be enough to pull them out of an unhappy slump.

The video can be viewed and embedded at: http://youtu.be/V_XuXsCpmb0

Meri Amber’s official website can be found at: http://www.meriamber.com

Meri Amber’s full bio is available at: http://www.meriamber.com/about/bio

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Main Stage Acts for PAX This Year

Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) the largest video game focus convention out there.  From the guys who created the Penny Arcade webcomic and Child’s Play charity.   It is August 30 – September 2, Labor Day weekend, in Seattle as always.

Music has been a big part of PAX since the beginning in 2004 when they had the Minibosses and MC Frontalot.  It was at PAX that nerdcore was given a stage to take off.

This year’s music acts are a mix of new faces and regulars.  PAX’s rapper laurate MC Frontalot and nerdcore group Super-Commuter will be back again along with Mega Ran and Adam Warrock.  The rock band with a Mega Man oprea Protomen return for another year.  The comedy duo of the Doubleclicks makes it to the main stage this year.  Acoustic guitar duo Super Guitar Bros appear for the first time on main stage.  Hideo a theatrical concert group who perform music from video games and anime.  Bit Brigade video game cover band/speed run performers around out the main stage.

With the con being four days long they are going to have three straight days of concerts for all the fans.  Schedules have not been released yet, but I do know  Mega Ran will be playing on Friday with K-Murdock and a live band.  Bit Brigade and the Protomen are both on Friday.  On Saturday Frontalot is performing.

Now like previous years PAX has sold out already.  Now do not panic too much just yet.  There are still ways to get in.  Legal ways at that.  Become a volunteer, enforcers, panelist, or something like that.  Personally I do not know to much on the subject, but I am a sure you can find out more with a quick search.


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Music Madness Melodies of Madicon (something else that begins with m)

Madicon is a yearly gaming/literary convention run by the Science Fiction Fantasy Guild at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA.  This year it is at the student center at JMU, March 8-10.  The con has a number of panels, workshops, vendors, artists, many games, costume contest, a LARP, art show, video games, live bird show, and auctions (including the Geek Auction to buy live people) to raise money for the Wildlife Center of Virginia.

Guests for the con are authors: Jana Oliver, Jean Marie Ward, Pip Ballantine, R.S. Belcher, and Tee Morris, plus makeup guest Megan Amberly, voice actor Jon St. John, the 501st Storm Troopers, combat groups Bridgewater College Comitatus, COMARR, and Silverdain.  In addition some great music acts.

The Music Guest of Honor is Johan Knight, who I have written about so much before.  All I can really say is expect good music from him at the con.  Once again he has three concerts, paranormal folk, creepy, and supernatural steampunk.  Plus a chance to talk with him over a cup of coffee.

There is also a several chiptune composers.: Cartoon Bomb, Datacats, and Inverse Phase.  Catch the three all weekend at performances and panels.

Madicon this year has two veterans of convention raves DJ Cutman and DJ Super Sonic.  The rave is on Saturday night and will be filled with 8bit sounds and remixes of all kinds.

Panels include discussions on what different sound chips in old school consoles, about releasing a cover album, learn to write your down chiptune music, and explanation on video games remixes and their scene by DJ Fayt.

Of note, Tainted Reality will be selling Jrock CDs in the vendor room too.

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The Sounds of Mysticon

Very late in doing this but I still wanted to post it.

MystiCon is a literary sci-fi con (plus fantasy, pop culture, steampunk, and more) February 22-24 at the Tanglewood Holiday Inn in Roanoke, Virginia.

The Guests of Honor include Peter Davison (5th Doctor Who), Larry Elmore (D&D artist), Orson Scott Card (author of Ender’s Game), Tom Angleberger (author of Origami Yoda), Steven Long (RPG creator), filmmakers, podcasters, authors, artists, costumers, wrestlers, and more. Plus a number of music acts.

The Con’s Musical Gust of Honor is Bella Morte is a gothic darkwave band.  They are headlining Mysticon’s Musical extravaganza on Saturday night.

Special Music Guest The Gothsicles are comedy geek industrial music group who are part of the FuMP.  Catch them both Friday night and on Saturday as part of the Musical extravaganza.

Devo Spice is a comedy rapper and FuMP core member.  He is part of Saturday’s Musical extravaganza. He is also performing at Mysticon’s event at the Roanoke City Main Library on Thursday night.

Jonah Knight has a different concert each day of the con.  Each one shows off his different genre work, Paranormal Folk (Friday), Creepy Christmas Songs (Saturday), and Supernatural Steampunk (Sunday).

Electronica composure Consortium 499 has created his own original score for the silent film Nosferatu, to watch and listen.  His album Pageant and Ceremony of the Coronation will be available at a special discount price during the con.

DJ Drae plays goth events, conventions, and provides music for Strange Aeons Productions’ LARP.  He will doing a dance party on Friday night with a special light show by Eli Mayhem.

Author, editor, music therapist, and musician Danny Birt has a performance and sing-a-long at the con as well.

Other music related events include: Drum Circle on Friday and Saturday night, Belly Dancing workshops, SF Themes in Rock Music panel, Poetry/Filk Open Mic, and an hour with musician/author Gary Rinehart.

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