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Press Release: Pop Goes The TARDIS- An Album Of Doctor Who Songs

From acapella to dance beats to epic cries for extermination! ‘Pop Goes The TARDIS’ is an album of Doctor Who inspired songs with enough Easter eggs and silliness to keep any Whovian satisfied. The album is being released by geek pop singer-songwriter Meri Amber on the 22nd of July.
Pop Goes The TARDIS is an album of Doctor Who inspired songs by Australian, geek pop singer-songwriter Meri Amber. It is being released on the 22nd of July through her website. From the a capella introduction to the “nerdcore rap” finish, there is enough to keep any Whovian satisfied.
Of course, as any time lord rocker (or popper as the case may be) would desire, there are plenty of Easter eggs hidden within each song to be discovered over time. The tracks include everything from vocal overlays to chipsounds and retro synths, from original numbers to parodies and even a mash-up of a number of songs that make a guest appearance on the show.
Whilst the album begins a capella it quickly delves into a more typical geek pop range of numbers. For ‘Exterminate’ a more grand arrangement ensues (as is expected for a song about Daleks), ‘Two Hearts’ takes a delve into a more bluesy region, ‘New Companion’ gets a Latin flavour and ‘Doctor Stylin’ spins a dance beat on.
Topics covered in the songs for you to trock out to include everything from Doctor Who catchphrases, monsters, companions, themes and outfits. There’s a little bit of the old and a little bit of the new to cater for any sort of fan.
The songs were not only written by Meri Amber but recorded, performed (all instruments), produced and mastered by her. The photography for the album art was shot by Patrick Catanzariti and the album art design was a collaboration between Meri Amber and Patrick Catanzariti.

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What is Happening at the FUMP

A FuMPFest fundraiser CD is available for purchase.  It is $20 for a two-CD set of over 40 live performances from last year’s FuMPFest.

Two new acts have been announced for FuMPFest as well: Drew Jacobs and TV’s Kyle.  Full list of guests on the site.

Pre-registration for FuMPFest goes up from $35 to $45 on April 1st and the room block for the hotel closes May 19th.

The great Luke Ski joins TV’s Kyle new show on Cartoon Network Might Magiswords as a Storyboard Revisionist.  Here about it on Kyle and Luke Talk About Toons.

Nuclear Bubble Wrap released a video for their song The Agenda.  A little song poking fun at those who fear a “gay agenda.”  It was animated by ThePivottsXX.

Luke Ski released a video for his song The Twilight Zone too.  It is about the TV show Twilight Zone, nothing about sparkling vampires.

Bonecage has done more on his YouTube channel as well.

Carla Ulbrich is using Indiegogo as a pre-sale to fund her next album.  The album is written and mostly recorded already.  Reward levels include skype guitar lesson, handwritten lyrics, concert in your living room, your name in liner notes, and a video of Carla singing, dancing, and raving about how great you are.

Marc Gunn has a Kickstarter campaign for new steampunk album Dragons vs. Pirates.

During February’s Album Writing Month TV’s Kyle wrote an entire album, recorded it, and now has it available for purchase.  You can download it for only $5.

Harmonix announced the release of Rock Band 4 and is requesting song.  Now Devo Spice is trying to get his song The Dumbest Song on Rock Band on there, so he is asking for everyone’s help in requesting it.   Go to the request page, put in “The Dumbest Song on Rock Band” for the title, “Devo Spice” for the artist, and then click Submit.

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Press Release: Mega Ran Signs With Brick Records To Deliver “Soul Veggies” Album in 2015

After releasing over 10 projects for over 7 years without label support, teacher turned rapper Random (aka Mega Ran) has inked his first recording contract with Brick Records, to release the experimental project “Soul Veggies” with Storyville in February.

Brick’s releases include those from Reks, Statik Selektah, Terminology and several other critically acclaimed Hip-Hop acts since 1996, and it was that standard of quality and longevity that made Brick the choice for Ran.

Soul Veggies will get a worldwide CD, digital and vinyl release this February.

To celebrate the signing and hitting 500 likes on their Facebook page, The Veggies have dropped a new video, “Mommy What’s a Soul Veggie?”

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 2.13.07 AM

watch “Mommy, What’s a Soul Veggie” NOW!

The next video for “React” will release when the page reaches 1000 likes.

A tour was also announced, that will take the Veggies from coast to coast with special guest, chiptune thrasher Danimal Cannon from Jan 23 to Feb 6, ending at the GRAMMY Awards, sponsored by MAGfest, the Music and Gaming Festival.


all show dates and tickets at megaran.com

As an added bonus, Random aka Mega Ran’s Facebook page was verified by Facebook today, and to celebrate a such meaningless milestone, all music and merch on Ran’s Bandcamp is now 20% off to any consumer that enters the code“verifiedtwice” (no quotes) in the checkout box.

Veggie Platter Mixtape COVER

eat your veggies

To get a taste of the new Soul Veggies album, download this FREE mix of all of Random and Storyville’s collaborations of the last 10 years, plus a piece of 2 new tracks, via DatPiff.com.

Direct Download link

And as always, Turnip Them Beets.

Team Mega

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Press Release: Where is Doug Funnie

The “Where is Doug Funnie?”, 10-track Mixtape, is a prequel to Doug Funnie’s fully original concept album “Homecoming”.

Synopsis: Doug Funnie is a Prime suspect in a Missing Persons case in Dallas Texas during the winter of 2013. While Tarrant County police department help Detective Phillips with the case on leads, Doug leaves town for personal matters, his Ex-Girlfriend. With the aid of a few friends, O-Super, Mega-Ran aka Random and a few more, Doug attempts to take a break from reality and ease his mind on the open road. During this time, Doug finds he is a Wanted Man and hides.

In this Prequel, “Where is Doug Funnie” sets the stage for the listener for much more in the coming album with songs produced by Adult Swim’s Richie Branson, features with Crunk Witch and many more in “Homecoming”.

On August 8, Doug Funnie is performing at the ‘Orlando Nerd Fest’, musical festival in Orlando, Florida that features all genres in nerd music including Nerdcore hip-hop, chiptunes, & video game cover bands. From there, Doug will be on tour with Megaran With Kyle Murdock, and Tribe One for the “Opposite of War Tour”. Currently, Doug is confirmed to play at Austin’s Classic Game Fest to also promote the upcoming releases.

“Where Is Doug Funnie”, a 10 track mixtape that will be Available for Free on my Bandcamp on August 5th 2014. All Donations from this mixtape goes to funding the Full Album, “Homecoming”

If you have any questions or anything, feel free to contact Doug Funnie,


Bandcamp: http://www.dougfunnie.bandcamp.com

Twitter: @Funniemusic

Facebook: Doug Funnie (Nerdcore)

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Devo Spice vs Adam Warrock: Doctor Who Battle

Earlier this year two Doctor Who albums were released by two different artists.  The Doctor EP on January 7th by Adam Warrock and I Am The Doctor on February 22nd by Devo Spice.

Devo is a nerdcore and comedy rapper from New Jersey; across between Weird Al and Eminem.  He is one of the most popular artists on the Dr. Demento Show and one of the founders of the Funny Music Project.  In 2011 Devo’s album “Gnome Sane?” went to number #28 on the Hip Hop charts on iTunes.  He is also ginger. 

Adam is a former lawyer turned full-time nerdcore rapper.  Creator of The Browncoats Mixtape, Parks & Rec EP, Gravity Falls Rap, and a ton of other Internet hits.  He has been praised by several in the comic industry, Nathan Fillion, BB America, Edgar Wright the director of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and more by people who appreciate good music.

Devo is a long time Doctor Who fan ever since he was a kid.  He has met many of the stars of the show including Jon Pertwee (3rd Doctor) and Nicholas Courtney (The Brigadier).

Adam was previously known by his song I Have Never Watch an Episode of Doctor Who in My Life.  Last year he started watching the show for the first time and became instantly hooked.  So like anything else he loves he wrote some songs about it.  This time in secret and announced the album on Christmas Day.

Devo’s album features 12 songs about Doctor Who.  One song per incarnation up to Matt Smith (and not counting any others beside the main ones) and the title track, though the title track is really a Matt Smith song anyways so it is kind of like he gets two songs.  It covers things like the monsters of the series, lost episodes, the TARDIS, fans, and more.

Adam’s album is eight songs long, that includes one song remixed.  His songs really just cover the new series.  There are songs about the Weaping Angels, the Master, humanity, and things like that.  Oh and the remixed song remixes the theme music of the show.

Devo’s album includes appearances by actors from the show.  Katy Manning (Jo Grant) sings the chorus on Carnival of Monsters, which is the 3rd Doctors song.  Pete Davison (5th Doctor)  makes a cameo in his song Companion Application.  Sophi Aldred (Ace) is in the 7th Doctor’s song The Regeneration.  Fellow comedy musician the great Luke Ski makes some small appearances throughout the album as well.

Adam’s album is just him solo, which is almost kind of weird for him.  He does use some clips from the show as intros to his songs though.

Devo’s album comes as a download ($10) or you can order the CD ($15).  The CD comes with a lenticular print cover, an eight page booklet chronicle’s Devo’s experiences with the show, and fan art drawn by Devo when he was a kid and  autographed by the stars.

Adam’s is a free mixtape.

The best song on Devo’s album is the 10th Doctor’s song Adventures in Space and Time.  Very rocking, fun for fans, and great to party to.  The least interesting song is Fandom Paradise, the 4th Doctor’s song, it is just not as great of a song as one inspired by Tom Baker should have been.

Best song on Adam’s is Can’t Stop Watching Doctor Who.  Listen to his first song and then this.  It is a straight love song to the show and an apology about not having watched it before.  Least favorite is River (A Song), just kind of lands flat with me, might because I am not a big River Song fan though.

Now if you are wondering which album is the better one, that’s a little hard to decide on.  Both are some of the best work of both artists.  Really I would have to say the best album would be Adam covering Devo’s album.

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FuMP Subscription Drive

The Funny Music Project’s January Subscriber Drive is back. When you make a monthly recurring subscription during January you will receive a free month plus a free FuMP branded USB drive with all their music released in 2013.  You have to maintain your subscription for three months and then you get April free.

A Level 1 subscription ($4.00 a month) to the FuMP gets you higher quality downloads than usual, digital compilation album downloads, access to their high quality RSS feeds, no ads on the website, and a 20% discount on FuMP compilation CD purchases.  A Level 2 subscription ($9.99 a month) gets you the same as Level 1 but you also get the latest compilation CDs sent to you automatically.

The six and twelve month non-recurring subscriptions have also been reduced in price to account for getting a free month.  Six month Level 1 subscription  drops from $35.94 to $29.95 and the twelve month from 459.88 to $54.89.  Level 2 subscriptions are now six month for $62.45 and twelve months for $109.89.

The USB drive for this year is a red swivel drive containing the FuMP collection albums 37 through 42 in high quality MP3 with bonus materials.  You will also get a digital copy of the Christmas With The FuMP on the drive.

Existing subscribers can order the USB drive for $14.99 from the FuMP store till the end of January.  They will only make as many USBs as they need at the end of the month, so if you want one get it now since it will not be available later.

The offer is only available till the end of January this year.  So if you do not already have a subscription to the FuMP yet this is the time to do it.  Best way to get some of the best comedy music out there.

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News From The FuMP

First big news from the Funny Music Project (FuMP), is the announcement of FuMPFest for 2014.  Inspired by the recent LukeSkiCon, they have decided to make the idea of a FuMP music festival a reality.

So far they are in the very early stages of planning, like so early the have not picked the hotel to hold the event at yet.  It will be in the Chicago area though, so if you have any suggestions they would like to know.    They are planning concerts, panels, funny music related activities, and any other fun things they can think of.

Pre-registration for the event is set at $35, at door price will be $40.


A tribute album to Luke Ski and his work has been released, a combined effort of the FuMP artists.

Worst Tribute Ever is two disc long with Worm Quarter, Devo Spice, Insane Ian, Flat 29, TV’s Kyle, Consortium of Genius, Carrie Dahlby, and more doing covers and re-imaginings of various Luke Ski songs from all parts of his career with an intro Dr. Demento.  The album is available at Luke Ski’s store for just $15 plus shipping or $9.99 as a download.

And finally, Nuclear Bubble Wrap has launched a Kickstarter for their next album.  

Nuclear Bubble Wrap is indie rock band who does comedic songs from Nashville, TN.  they are working on their second studio album, Psycho Delicacy.  They have finished writing it and now want to mix their songs at a studio, have it professionally mastered, and produce a physical CD.  They are estimating a need of 40 hours studio based on previous experience.  They are looking at a November release date.

If successfully funded all backers will get to see one of the band doing a performance of a Disney classic while wearing pretty clothes and all backers will also get a monthly update on the progress.

So far (as of this writing) they have $1,175 of their pledge $3,300.  The Kickstarter goes till August 3.  Rewards start at $10 for a digital download of the album.  Other rewards are physical copy of the album, invite to private streamed concert over the internet, demos of new songs, name added to the album’s booklet, digital download of their entire discography, get drawn into an animated music video, a song written on subject you like, private concert up to an hour away from Nashville (unless you pay for travel), or get a chance to perform with the band.

Nice chance to get some music from a very unique sounding band.

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