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Press Release: Visual Kei Band Diaura Livestream Q&A Session in Los Angeles September 13

Fashion and Music Shop, Xenon, located in Downtown Los Angeles Little Tokyo Mall, will be welcoming visual kei band DIAURA as a guest for their live stream Q&A session.

Fans are able to ask questions to the band directly through live streaming chat, as well as answer questions from the band. This is a great opportunity for fans in the States to engage and gather new upcoming information’s from the band.

No cover fee will be charged, absolutely free event. Hours for the event will be from 8:00pm – 9:30pm.

ABOUT XENON: Xenon is the Official Cure Magazine Shop, recently opened its doors on August 1st 2014 in Downtown, Little Tokyo (319 E. 2nd St #119 Los Angeles, CA 90012). The store carries various apparel brands from Shibuya 109, including Jury Black, as well as, CD’s, DVD’s, and official tour merchants of idols and visual-kei bands straight from Japan. Official Website and Facebook

ABOUT DIAURA: DIAURA is a Visual-Kei rock band from Japan formed in 2010. Members consists of ex.Valluna, Yo-ka (vocals) and Kei (guitars), Shoya(bass), and Tatsuya (drums). Their début single “Shitsuyoku no Seiiki” was released on January 19, 2011 which was followed by two further singles and the mini-album Dictator. DIAURA had gradually raised its profile, before their début album Genesis on March 2012 and through their second full studio album FOCUS on December 4, 2013, selling largely in both Japan and the West. The band has recently released its 10th single “bling message” and will be releasing their 3rd Full Album “Triangle” on November 26th, 2014. Official Website  and Facebook

Official Event Page


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Press Release: Where is Doug Funnie

The “Where is Doug Funnie?”, 10-track Mixtape, is a prequel to Doug Funnie’s fully original concept album “Homecoming”.

Synopsis: Doug Funnie is a Prime suspect in a Missing Persons case in Dallas Texas during the winter of 2013. While Tarrant County police department help Detective Phillips with the case on leads, Doug leaves town for personal matters, his Ex-Girlfriend. With the aid of a few friends, O-Super, Mega-Ran aka Random and a few more, Doug attempts to take a break from reality and ease his mind on the open road. During this time, Doug finds he is a Wanted Man and hides.

In this Prequel, “Where is Doug Funnie” sets the stage for the listener for much more in the coming album with songs produced by Adult Swim’s Richie Branson, features with Crunk Witch and many more in “Homecoming”.

On August 8, Doug Funnie is performing at the ‘Orlando Nerd Fest’, musical festival in Orlando, Florida that features all genres in nerd music including Nerdcore hip-hop, chiptunes, & video game cover bands. From there, Doug will be on tour with Megaran With Kyle Murdock, and Tribe One for the “Opposite of War Tour”. Currently, Doug is confirmed to play at Austin’s Classic Game Fest to also promote the upcoming releases.

“Where Is Doug Funnie”, a 10 track mixtape that will be Available for Free on my Bandcamp on August 5th 2014. All Donations from this mixtape goes to funding the Full Album, “Homecoming”

If you have any questions or anything, feel free to contact Doug Funnie,


Twitter: @Funniemusic

Facebook: Doug Funnie (Nerdcore)

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