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MarsCon Dementia Track and Logan Awards

MarsCon is home every year to a gathering of comedy, novelty, and filk musicians from Dementia Radio and the FuMP called Dementia Track. MarsCon is March 1-3, 2013 in Bloomington, Minnesota at the Crown Plaza Hotel & Suites with the theme “Ctrl/Alt/Del… Thriving Into The Future!”  This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Dementia Track.

The Music Guest of Honor is Flat 29 from England.  Which I talked about before.

Other main stage acts are comedy rock band Possible Oscar, nerdcore-esque Insane Ian, professional TV animator and comedy musician TV’s Kyle, Dementia living legend Great Luke Ski, Max DeGroot know for his work with furries, Power Salad with 30 years of sketch audio and comedy music, comedy rock star Mikey Mason, and FuMPer Kobi Lacroix.

Performers of the FuMP Jukebox this year are Carrie Dahlby, DJ Particle hose of the Dementia Fan Showcase at the con, Dave Stagner of Feng Shui Ninjas, filker Beth Kinderman, Jeff Reuben, and Brett Glass who both perform in the Dementia Fan Showcase every year.  Other performers there will be Earl Luckes the bass-playing robot Wyngarde.

Previous announced guests Worm Quartet and Steve Goodie have had to cancel their appearances.

Besides just all the performances, other events of the track include a live recording of Flat 29’s podcast “Big book of Everything“, water aerobics with Kornflack co-host of “The Flopcast“, Space Oddity Music Club & Brew Pub, Dementia Fan Showcase, and The Dementia Smackdown.  Karaoke, drumming, and theremin workshop will be part of MarsCon as well.

To raise money for the Dementia Track to bring in guests, party, and other expenses they create a Fund Raiser Album every year.  Three disc of four hours of live music from MarsCon 2012 which you can buy as CD or download at their shop and past albums as well. You can also order your own Dementia Track shirt with all the participants as computer related character of fandom and pop culture.

This year MarsCon is also the home of the 3rd Logan Whitehurst Memorial Awards for Excellence in Comedy Music. The ceremony will be on Saturday at 4pm.

The nominees, with some of my thoughts, are:

Out­stand­ing Com­edy Music Video:

Baby Mario & Papa Yoshi — brentalfloss;

Beauty and the BeatTodrick Hall; I am not going to say this is racist like some people, just that it is promoting negative stereotypes and the song keeps splitting between being parody and just doing the song straight which is not what a good parodist does

Dumb Ways to DieTan­ger­ine Kitty; my favorite, catchy tune, cute animation

Rize of the FenixTena­cious D; good, but tries to pretend that it is really the unfinished project but parts of it do not work that way

Rub Some Bacon On ItRhett & Link; fun, but certain scenes turn me off

Out­stand­ing Orig­i­nal Com­edy Song:

29/31Gar­funkel and Oates; good idea, execution not so much

I Don’t Mat­terWorm Quar­tet; too long and repetitive

In the 80sDevo Spice; full of great 80s reference, but kind of whiny, good chorus though

Kyle, Are You Ian?Scooter Pic­nic; inventive plus inspired and encouraged parodies of it

Write Like The Wind (George R.R. Mar­tin)Paul & Storm; on one had it sings about a love of Game of Thrones, but on the other it makes some jokes about it too, I love it, my pick

Out­stand­ing Par­ody Song:

Carol of the MehSmashy Claw; good parody having some fun with the original song, just not all that exciting

Devo, Are You Shoe­box? — Devo Spice, fea­tur­ing Worm Quar­tet; parody that is not as good as the original

The Ped­dler: A Half-Assed Trans­la­tion — Kobi LaCroix; love the music style on this, but really kind of dumb lyrics

We Were Never Ever Actu­ally TogetherEric Schwartz aka Smooth-E, feat. Michael Yo

When You Wish Upon A Death Star — the great Luke Ski; Stars Wars and Disney melody, total fun, my favorite


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Top 10 Doctor Who Songs and Bands to Exterminate To

One of the oldest and most popular sci-fi series is Doctor Who.  It has spawned tv series, books, comics, audio dramas, toys, games, fan works, arguments, and much more .  It has also inspired people to create music inspired/based on the Doctor, his adventures, companions, monsters, and everything else.  Here are a couple of things for fans to check out.

1. Credit goes to Alex Day for the idea of Time Lord Rock (trock) just a few years ago.  He formed the band Chameleon Circuit with Charlie McDonnell, Liam Dryden, and Chris Beattie.  They promoted themselves through YouTube, MySpace, and with Don’t Forget to be Awesome (DFTBA).  They have released two albums so far.

2. It Takes Who by uber geek Great Luke Ski with Carrie Dahlby as ac-companion-y chorus.  It covers the 2005-2006 seasons of new Doctor Who as a parody of It Takes Two by Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock.

3. Visitation is a free downloadable album from Hipster, please!  It contains a cover of the Doctor Who theme by the Videogame Orchestra, mashup of mc chris and DW music, chiptune music, trock groups, though the nerdcore tracks are my favorites with Dale Chase’s “Who’s Your Doctor?” and MC Loki with “Who be the Man?”

4. Ken Spivey is a songwriter and performer who specializes in Doctor Who and Celtic music.  Combines a them both and more in his work.  Also founded his own Doctor Who cons.

5. [Doctor Who’s On] Tonight, Tonight by Paul and Trina aka the 8th Horcrux, a parody of “Tonight, Tonight” by Hot Chelle Rae written after the end of Season 6.  This Wizard Rock band tackles another British product very well.

6. Tom Milsom, London-based musician created his own free trock album.  Very relaxing melodies and haunting lyrics.

7. I Am the Doctor by Devo Spice mostly focusses on Matt Smith’s run, but Eccleston and Tennant get a few references too.  I am just hoping he is able to sign it for Peter Davison at Mysticon this weekend, maybe even get him to sign along.  Background  singing by Chris Mezzolesta of Power Salad and Shoebox of Worm Quartet. The part  of British Woman was played by Kim Crist.

8. Time Crash claims to be America’s first trock band, but really they might just be the first one to actually put any effort into making a go at it instead of just doing a song or two.

9.Consortium 499 has created two Doctor Who tribute videos with his original score to them Dire Repercussions and Three Moons on Thursday.  He too will have a chance to share it with Davison at Mysticon.

10. Trock On! is an album of 18 songs by 18 different trock bands.  Shows you the best of the genre.  Chameleon Circuit and Tom Milson both appear on this album as well.

Honorable Mention goes to Adam Warrock for his song “I Have Never Watched Doctor Who.”  Based on his true experiences having never watched the show. Great for your friends who have never watched seen the show.  Though why you would call them friends?  Also fun for those who do know Who and can spot what is wrong with his descriptions.  Strangely one of his most requested songs.

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The Sounds of Mysticon

Very late in doing this but I still wanted to post it.

MystiCon is a literary sci-fi con (plus fantasy, pop culture, steampunk, and more) February 22-24 at the Tanglewood Holiday Inn in Roanoke, Virginia.

The Guests of Honor include Peter Davison (5th Doctor Who), Larry Elmore (D&D artist), Orson Scott Card (author of Ender’s Game), Tom Angleberger (author of Origami Yoda), Steven Long (RPG creator), filmmakers, podcasters, authors, artists, costumers, wrestlers, and more. Plus a number of music acts.

The Con’s Musical Gust of Honor is Bella Morte is a gothic darkwave band.  They are headlining Mysticon’s Musical extravaganza on Saturday night.

Special Music Guest The Gothsicles are comedy geek industrial music group who are part of the FuMP.  Catch them both Friday night and on Saturday as part of the Musical extravaganza.

Devo Spice is a comedy rapper and FuMP core member.  He is part of Saturday’s Musical extravaganza. He is also performing at Mysticon’s event at the Roanoke City Main Library on Thursday night.

Jonah Knight has a different concert each day of the con.  Each one shows off his different genre work, Paranormal Folk (Friday), Creepy Christmas Songs (Saturday), and Supernatural Steampunk (Sunday).

Electronica composure Consortium 499 has created his own original score for the silent film Nosferatu, to watch and listen.  His album Pageant and Ceremony of the Coronation will be available at a special discount price during the con.

DJ Drae plays goth events, conventions, and provides music for Strange Aeons Productions’ LARP.  He will doing a dance party on Friday night with a special light show by Eli Mayhem.

Author, editor, music therapist, and musician Danny Birt has a performance and sing-a-long at the con as well.

Other music related events include: Drum Circle on Friday and Saturday night, Belly Dancing workshops, SF Themes in Rock Music panel, Poetry/Filk Open Mic, and an hour with musician/author Gary Rinehart.

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Clockwork Dolls’s When Banners Fall Album

The Clockwork Dolls formed in 2007 from a diverse group of theater geeks, side-show performers, and artist with the concept of creating theatrical, grand, epic music for people to enjoy focusing on bygone eras with symphonic rock.  They released their first album in 2009 with Dramatis Personae.

After three years of work their second album “When Banners Fall” was released.  Inspired by World War II, with original tracks and speeches from Dwight D Eisenhower, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill.


The album is only eight tracks long, each of them a powerful orchestral sound and lovely piano work.  The whole thing sounds like it is part of the soundtrack to some major motion picture with huge sweeping visuals and lots of emotional character work.

The first track (The Great Crusade), third (This Poignant Hour), and fifth (May 4, 1945) are recordings from historical speeches with background music that lead into the next track.  Second (Flyboy), fourth (Hold The Line), and sixth (When Banners Fall) tracks all are deep emotion tracks about different things of the war (air battle, holding out against the enemy, victory and what is to come).  They are able to invoke both the romance and tragedy of conflict through both the melody and lyrics.  A little hard to understand the lyrics the first few times through with the almost operatic way they are sung.

The seventh track is a rendition of “The Band Played Waltzing Matilda”.  Which although about WWI still fits with the feel of the rest of the album and actually my favorite track.  Truly heartbreaking sounds the way the song has no instruments being played just Colette Lovelace pouring it all out into this simple tune.

The final track is a complete instrumental version of the whole album.  Which is something nice to play in the background and relax with.

Over all I think this a great album and has a real steampunk sound without being obtuse about it.  My only real complaint is that it is two short and a little repetitive.  I would have liked more tracks.

You can buy a physical copy of the album at CDBaby or as MP3 at Bandcamp, which also has their first album for free.  Which I suggest you do.

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