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BRKfest 2016

BRKfest the midwest’s longest running chip music festival is back for the end of summer for its fifth year.  It will be Friday September 2nd to Sunday September 4th at the Chameleon in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Friday night starts 9pm with cooshinator, Umin, Monotony, Hypnogram, Snesei, nonfinite, and boaconstructor all doing forty minute sets till late at night.  Saturday is Bit Wish, Infodrive, KITE SPLASH, AndaruGo, Triangles, Kris Keyser, Bubblegum Octopus, and Bit Shifter starting at 8pm.  Sunday starts at 9pm and features Dsv101, Solabear, Inverse Phase, CCDM, Dollfin, and hedonismbit.  Closing Ceremonies will be at 1am with DJ Boa.

Admission is $5 for each day or $10 for the weekend.  All tickets will only be sold at the door.  The show is 21 and older only.  Food and drink will be sold on site.  There will be vendors selling Game Boy

Fans, and those wanting to be fans, of chip music will want to at least catch one day of the event to hear great music and party with fellow fans.



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New Inverse Phase Shows and News

There are a few chances to catch chip music creator extraordinaire Inverse Phase coming up this August.  You can hear his music and learn about chip music creation.

In Washington DC at the Rhizome Space in Takoma on Sunday August 7th at noon a gathering of Muff Wiggler forum users will feature various synthesizer demonstrations, most of them analog.  Inverse Phase will have his custom chiptune synth that he is building (read further down) on display.

Then on the weekend of Friday August 26th through the 28th on Sunday he will be at Omegacon in Charlottesville, Virginia at the Holiday Inn.  He will be doing a performance and a discussion panel over the weekend, plus exhibiting in the vendor hall.

He will also be at this year’s BRKFest in Cincinnati, Ohio on September 2-4.  I will post more about this one later.

Inverse has also been building his own chiptune synthesizer from scratch, having previously been using emulators to create his music.  He has been building it quietly for a while now just hinting to fans about it.  It currently only produces basic music but Inverse will continue to work on it.  He promises “amazing things are going to happen” with it.  You can read more about the creation on his Patreon account.

Fans of chip music should try to catch one of these shows if you can.  If you are not familiar with chip music, its culture, creation, and genres then check out one of these shows and let Inverse Phase tell you about it.  He is one of the best at explaining it to novices.

Follow Inverse Phase on social media or sign up for his newsletter to keep up with future shows what other adventures he is on.

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ReplayFX is an arcade and gaming festival at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from Thursday July 20th to Sunday August 2nd .  There will be 700 arcade and pinball machines on free play, over 2,000 retro console games, tabletop games, showcase by game developers, seminars, magicians, live music, balloon artists, face-painters, and competitions for over $110,000  in prize money.

They have plans for eight musical performances.  On Thursday there will be performances by Triforce Quartet a traditional string quartet that plays video game music and Universal Beat Union an electronic-rock fusion band that makes music for galactic space-time travelers.  Friday Scott Blasey the lead singer of The Clarks will be playing an acoustic set, Flashback an 80’s cover band, and The OneUps a musical collective who play their own intricate and eclectic approach to video game music. Saturday will see a performances by Super Smash Opera a live musical comedy based on the Super Smash Bros series, Inverse Phase a video game composer and chiptune musician, and Dancing Queen a dance band.

Inverse Phase is also doing a seminar on Friday called Chiptune/8-bit music: What is it? How is it Written.  You will learn how to write your own chiptune music.

The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra will be performing an evening of Final Fantasy music at the nearby Heinz Hall on Saturday night.

Regular event passes for the weekend are $94.99.  Single days and kids under 12 are cheaper.  VIP passes start at $150.  A bit much, but they have all kinds of crazy things to do the there besides all the games and music.

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Patreon Campaign by Inverse Phase

Patreon is a new kind of crowd source site.  Instead of just giving money for one project, you pledge to give an amount (your choice)  for each release of a creator.  When they make a release, like a new song, music video, EP, or album; you make the same pledge.  Your pledge is the same for any release.

Chip Music creator and panelist Inverse Phase is the first performer I know to use this and he has listed some cool rewards for higher pledges.  When he releases some that costs money you will get a code for a free download.  Free releases like video and some songs will just go straight to funding quality material.

Inverse expects no more than one release per month, so you know how much you will be spending over the year.  Patreon does let you set a monthly budget and you can change or cancel your pledges at any time.

Pledges start at $1 per release.  At the $4 level you get to be part of Skype chat per release, $8 gets you a one-on-one chat, higher levels gets you a sticker pack, handwritten thank you letter, Twitter mentions, one weird non-alcoholic beverage per release shipped to you, get your own music on Inverse’s releases, get credited as a patron on bandcamp, get on stage during a performance or a shout out during a show.

Goals for this project are to create a visual contraption to improve live show quality and even build his own instruments.  He has already made his album/EP The Midnight Chiptunes available for free.

One of the projects he is working is a soundtrack to the game Treachery in Beatdown City for PS Vita.  Also he is working on free music for Christmas.  Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ pages for an update on Christmas day.

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BRKfest 2013 is Coming

The chiptune music festival BRKfest is back for a second year.  Three days of food, drinking, friends, and chip music.  August 2nd-4th at Al’s Bar (601 N Limestone St) in Lexington, KY.  Friday August 2 at 12:00PM to Sunday August 4 at 4:30PM.Cover Photo

They have a big line up of chip artists.  From Game Boy DJs to trackers to old consoles and from moshing music to dance music.  Returning from last year AndaruGOHunterQuinn,  Awesome ForceSPRYRoboctopusSp00ked, and Solarbear.  New musicians BSK, Trey Frey, an0va, Mr. Wimmerboaconstructor,  ProtoflightShanebroParallelis,  blog fave Inverse Phase, Starpilot, SoftRESET,  MonsterVision,  Auxcide, Ricky Brugal+LET’S DISINFECT!+Rainbowdragoneyes,  Snesei, Galaxy Wolf,  Chillbrave, and SKGB.

Tickets will be on sell Monday May 27th.  There will be only 200 available for $50 for all weekend.  If there are still any left over they will sell one day passes at the door for $20.  Show if for people 18 and older.

If you like chip music and have the money, I would suggest checking out the show.

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A_Rival and Inverse Phase on Tour

Chip Hop rapper A_Rival’s new album TRUTHCANNON is being released on May 21 and he is going on tour with some friends.

The album is more love letter to videogame music than his previous chip-infused nerdcore work.  With nearly all of it being original work.  Check out a preview.

The mini tour starts this Saturday at 8 Static where he will be debuting tracks off the album.  He will be joined by Inverse Phase, Saint, Watabou, and Radionarcotix on visuals.  Inverse Phase will also be doing a workshop on chip music and its different sounds.  Show starts at 7pm.  Admission is $7-$10.  After party at the The Institute Bar with A_Rival DJing.  

On Monday (5/13) at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore A_Rival, Inverse Phase, and Compycore, with visuals by Pixelseed, will be playing.  Tickets are $8, doors open at 7 PM.

Finally on Tuesday (5/14) the tour comes to Gallery 5 in Richmond.  A_Rival and Inverse Phase are joined this time by Cuttlefish and DataCats on visuals.  Doors open at 6 PM, show starts at 8 PM, tickets $8.  There will be gaming set-ups sponsored by Play N Trade Carytown and cupcakes.

Inverse will also be playing and doing panels at Animazement May 24-26 in Raleigh, NC.

A_Rival is also helping a Kickstarter project for the Ultimate Chiptune Weekend in Seattle.  A 3 day festival of various forms of chip music with several names already saying they will be there.  They need $6,200 but only have $1,475 so far with 7 days to go.  So if you can spare a few bucks and get your ticket to the event or at least an album to download from the event.  Acts signed include Trey Frey, SmiletronHenry Homesweet, Radlib aka OxygenStar, Electric Children and more.

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Music Madness Melodies of Madicon (something else that begins with m)

Madicon is a yearly gaming/literary convention run by the Science Fiction Fantasy Guild at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA.  This year it is at the student center at JMU, March 8-10.  The con has a number of panels, workshops, vendors, artists, many games, costume contest, a LARP, art show, video games, live bird show, and auctions (including the Geek Auction to buy live people) to raise money for the Wildlife Center of Virginia.

Guests for the con are authors: Jana Oliver, Jean Marie Ward, Pip Ballantine, R.S. Belcher, and Tee Morris, plus makeup guest Megan Amberly, voice actor Jon St. John, the 501st Storm Troopers, combat groups Bridgewater College Comitatus, COMARR, and Silverdain.  In addition some great music acts.

The Music Guest of Honor is Johan Knight, who I have written about so much before.  All I can really say is expect good music from him at the con.  Once again he has three concerts, paranormal folk, creepy, and supernatural steampunk.  Plus a chance to talk with him over a cup of coffee.

There is also a several chiptune composers.: Cartoon Bomb, Datacats, and Inverse Phase.  Catch the three all weekend at performances and panels.

Madicon this year has two veterans of convention raves DJ Cutman and DJ Super Sonic.  The rave is on Saturday night and will be filled with 8bit sounds and remixes of all kinds.

Panels include discussions on what different sound chips in old school consoles, about releasing a cover album, learn to write your down chiptune music, and explanation on video games remixes and their scene by DJ Fayt.

Of note, Tainted Reality will be selling Jrock CDs in the vendor room too.

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