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FuMPFest 2017

The Funny Music Project‘s (FuMP) comedy music festival/convention, FuMPFest, returns this Friday June 16th to Sunday June 18th at the Holiday Inn Chicage-Elk Grove in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

The Guest of Honor for this year is Henry Phillips.  Henry is a comedy musican and actor who has appeared on Comedy Central Presents, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Billboard magazine, worked with Moby, his YouTube channel “Henry’s Kitchen” and his own film “Punching the Clown.”  Featured Guests are Bad Teenage Moustache, chiptune-rock band Boy Meets Robot, Carla Ulbrich, Insane Ian, Nuclear Bubble Wrap, Peter Wildman, Reformed Whores, Smashy Claw, The Gothsicles, Tom Tuerff, Worm Quartet, and the great Luke Ski.  Also appearing this weekend but with no featured concert are Carrie Dahlby, Devo Spice, Holy Bongwater, Lauren Mayer, Power Salad, the Library Bards, and TV’s Kyle.

Events for the con will be several concerts throughout the weekend, but there is more to the event then just them.  The Opening Ceremonies will screen the entries this year’s Video Contest, karaoke, Q&A and autographs with Henry Phillips,  State of The FuMP, Live Podcasts, the FuMP Showcase, and special showing of Punching Henry, Henry Phillip’s latest mocumentary.  Friday will host the Logan Whitehurst Memorial Awards for Excellence in Comedy Music ceremony, all the nominated songs will be performed or presented at the ceremony.  There will be a dealer’s room for shopping as well.

Pre-registration is opened until June 12th, tomorrow.  Registration at the door is the same price.  Adult weekend is $50, Friday or Sunday only $20, and Saturday only $30.  Children twelve and under can get in for $30 for the weekend or any single day for $15.  Children three and under are free.

Fans of the FuMP, Dr. Demento, and comedy music in general should keep the FuMPFest are their list of events to try to hit up some time to see and hear their favorite acts and hang with fellow fans.



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What is Happening at the FUMP

A FuMPFest fundraiser CD is available for purchase.  It is $20 for a two-CD set of over 40 live performances from last year’s FuMPFest.

Two new acts have been announced for FuMPFest as well: Drew Jacobs and TV’s Kyle.  Full list of guests on the site.

Pre-registration for FuMPFest goes up from $35 to $45 on April 1st and the room block for the hotel closes May 19th.

The great Luke Ski joins TV’s Kyle new show on Cartoon Network Might Magiswords as a Storyboard Revisionist.  Here about it on Kyle and Luke Talk About Toons.

Nuclear Bubble Wrap released a video for their song The Agenda.  A little song poking fun at those who fear a “gay agenda.”  It was animated by ThePivottsXX.

Luke Ski released a video for his song The Twilight Zone too.  It is about the TV show Twilight Zone, nothing about sparkling vampires.

Bonecage has done more on his YouTube channel as well.

Carla Ulbrich is using Indiegogo as a pre-sale to fund her next album.  The album is written and mostly recorded already.  Reward levels include skype guitar lesson, handwritten lyrics, concert in your living room, your name in liner notes, and a video of Carla singing, dancing, and raving about how great you are.

Marc Gunn has a Kickstarter campaign for new steampunk album Dragons vs. Pirates.

During February’s Album Writing Month TV’s Kyle wrote an entire album, recorded it, and now has it available for purchase.  You can download it for only $5.

Harmonix announced the release of Rock Band 4 and is requesting song.  Now Devo Spice is trying to get his song The Dumbest Song on Rock Band on there, so he is asking for everyone’s help in requesting it.   Go to the request page, put in “The Dumbest Song on Rock Band” for the title, “Devo Spice” for the artist, and then click Submit.

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Top 10 Harry Potter Music List to Avada Kedavra to

The novel and movie series of Harry Potter are big business.  They helped make YA literature what it is today.  Many fans have fallen in love with the characters and the world which they show through many creative ways including music.

1. Wizard Rock.  The whole scene and bands.  I am just lumping them all together in one or this would just be me listing some of them.  I wanted to show off some other acts that are Potter fans too.

2. Insane Ian noted that River Cuomo of Weezer looks like a grown-up Potter, taking this idea we wrote a parody album of Harry Potter set to Weezer songs.  He calls it Weezard.

3. Adam Warrock and Mikal kHill of the Thought Criminals have worked together a few times on mixtapes.  One of them The Slytherin House Mixtape.  Sampling the orchestral scores from the movies, they created a mixtape focused on the franchise, from the point of view of the more cunning and ambitious students.

4. The great Luke Ski has Christmas in Hogwarts, a parody of Run DMC’s “Christmas In Hollis” about Harry Potter at Christmastime.

5. Team StarKid a musical theatre production troupe, originally from Ann Arbor, MI and currently based in Chicago, who created their A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel.  Darren Criss of Glee fame plays Harry and wrote the majority of the music.

6. The nerd rock band Nuclear Bubble Wrap has done a number of Harry Potter songs over the years: Act Pottery, Avada Kedavra, and Draining the Lizard on a Dead Gay Wizard.

7. Not Literally is a trio of girls who love to make videos.  They have done a whole slew of Potter music videos.

8. Scych has done an electric progressive rock song inspired by the Elder Wand in the HP series called the Eldruhn Wand.

9. Hello, The Future also has a Christmas song about Harry Potter; Merry Christmas, Harry Potter.  What is it about Harry Potter, Christmas, and comedy musicians?

10. If you were wanting more nerdcore, here is The Wrock Snob’s top ten list of nerdcore songs with Potter references.  Includes Kabuto the Python, Dr. Awkward, YTCracker, and more.

Honorable Mention goes to an 8bit version of the Harry Potter theme also know as Hedwig’s Theme from the movie series.


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News From The FuMP

First big news from the Funny Music Project (FuMP), is the announcement of FuMPFest for 2014.  Inspired by the recent LukeSkiCon, they have decided to make the idea of a FuMP music festival a reality.

So far they are in the very early stages of planning, like so early the have not picked the hotel to hold the event at yet.  It will be in the Chicago area though, so if you have any suggestions they would like to know.    They are planning concerts, panels, funny music related activities, and any other fun things they can think of.

Pre-registration for the event is set at $35, at door price will be $40.


A tribute album to Luke Ski and his work has been released, a combined effort of the FuMP artists.

Worst Tribute Ever is two disc long with Worm Quarter, Devo Spice, Insane Ian, Flat 29, TV’s Kyle, Consortium of Genius, Carrie Dahlby, and more doing covers and re-imaginings of various Luke Ski songs from all parts of his career with an intro Dr. Demento.  The album is available at Luke Ski’s store for just $15 plus shipping or $9.99 as a download.

And finally, Nuclear Bubble Wrap has launched a Kickstarter for their next album.  

Nuclear Bubble Wrap is indie rock band who does comedic songs from Nashville, TN.  they are working on their second studio album, Psycho Delicacy.  They have finished writing it and now want to mix their songs at a studio, have it professionally mastered, and produce a physical CD.  They are estimating a need of 40 hours studio based on previous experience.  They are looking at a November release date.

If successfully funded all backers will get to see one of the band doing a performance of a Disney classic while wearing pretty clothes and all backers will also get a monthly update on the progress.

So far (as of this writing) they have $1,175 of their pledge $3,300.  The Kickstarter goes till August 3.  Rewards start at $10 for a digital download of the album.  Other rewards are physical copy of the album, invite to private streamed concert over the internet, demos of new songs, name added to the album’s booklet, digital download of their entire discography, get drawn into an animated music video, a song written on subject you like, private concert up to an hour away from Nashville (unless you pay for travel), or get a chance to perform with the band.

Nice chance to get some music from a very unique sounding band.

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Top 10 Convention Songs

As this year get’s going, nerds every where make plans to attend conventions of all kinds and all places.  So while you make plans, or just dream of attending that one awesome con that looks so cool but you can not make it to, here are some songs to play to help you get excited.

1. Welcome to the Con by Ookla the Mok is definitely #1 for me.  truly an anthem for conventions, and geek life in general.  Cons should all start by playing this song.

2. Mega Ran/Random shares some tips for going to cons he has developed over the years in Contact.  I feel they are more focused to bigger cons, but really do apply to all cons out there.

3. Convention by Nuclear Bubble Wrap

4. The Leetstreet Boys have a number of songs related to otaku fandom and life, several talking about cons.  Masquerade is a love song about finding love at a con’s costume contest only to have it crushed.  Fun, upbeat, kind of sweet, and a little heartfelt.

5. At the Con by Possible Oscar from the album Wrath of Con shares some of the best advice for con going out there; “What happens at the con, stays at the con; That’s all the information you need.”  Beside where else would you go to hear about Sailor Moon in the hot tub with Frodo.

6. A couple of years ago during before PAX (Prime), someone posted on Craigslist inviting people to a “friendly adult party” aka an orgy during the con.  This lead to at least one rapper, Beefy, writing a song about it, PAXXX.  Good song once you get past the horror of the whole thing.

7. Con Suite by Max DeGroot with Rhubarb of Foxamoore and Rhubarb and Carrie Dahlby of Carrie Dahlby deals with some troubles of someone stealing fromt he con suite, where food is there for everyone.  Furry focused, but I think we all get it.

8. Not really a brony or fan of their music myself, but The Convention is great for any fandom.  Each pony represents a different type of con goer.  Which pony are, I appear to be a Rainbow Dash.  It being a parody of an actual My Little Pony song makes it even better.  Though I do have to take points off for some of the back-handed insults the chorus members sing.

9. I Wanna Go To The Con by Hello, The Future! is a nice parody using music from Brittney Spears to discuss a fans feelings and thoughts about planning a trip to a convention.  I heard this version before Brittney’s so when I heard I was a bit confused and thought she was saying she wanted to go to a con too.

10. Finnally Devo Spice, Luke Ski, and a Dalek share with us parties and other night-time happenings of cons with The Geeks Come Out At Night.  Learn about what happens when the sun goes down on a convention and why that guy probably did not need to make a Craigslist post trying to arrange an orgy.





I just compared myself to one of the characters on My Little Pony didn’t I.  Tezuka dammit.



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FuMP Special With Free Stuff

The Funny Music Project (FuMP) is a collaboration of comedy musicians to release new, redone, remixed, recycled, and special songs under a Creative Commons License. Artists include Devo Spice, Worm Quartet, the great Luke Ski, Power Salad, Tom Smith, Robert Lund and Spaff, Raymond and Scum, Carrie Dahlby, Carla Ulbrich, Seamonkey, Steve Goodie, Insane Ian, Nuclear Bubble Wrap, and more.  They also have a Sideshow for any expiring comedy musician or established one who does not have the time to become a FuMP regular.

Cover Photo

New songs are posted to their website about every Tuesday and Friday. The latest eight are available as a free download (128k MP3) or better quality (320k MP3) for $.99.  After more new songs come on only the better quality one is available.

Every two months they put out a compilation is produced with the songs of the past two months, called Best of FuMP #whatever they are up to.  Volume 36 has just recently come out.  The Cd contains bonus material like extra songs, interviews, live performance videos, games, and other crap.  The CDs sell for $9.99 in their store or buy it as a download.

They sell subscriptions to the site, that can disable the ads on the site, access to their high quality RSS Feed, give you access to all high quality downloads (Level 1 $4.99), compilation albums sent free every two months (Level 2 $9.99), 20% discount on past Best of FuMP album CDs, free downloads of past albums, depending on how much you pay.  You can get one month recurring meaning every month you automatically renew for another month or one month non-recurring, 6 month, and 12 months which are all one time payments for their stated time period.

They are now they are offering a special deal on subscriptions this month.  If you subscribe during January you will get a one mont for free and a free USB drive.  Customers who sign up for a new recurring monthly subscription in January will get their fourth month (April) for free.  If you cancel prior than April, no refund will be given.  If you get a 6 or 12 month non-recurring subscription, one month free has already been factored into the cost.   One month nonrecurring subscriptions are not valid for this offer.  You will also get a FuMP branded USB drive with all of the music from the site for 2012, FuMP Volumes 31-36.  The drives will be sent out in February.

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Logan Awards Nominees

The Funny Music Project (FuMP) every year awards excellence in comedy music every year with their Logan White­hurst Memo­r­ial Award for Excel­lence in Com­edy Music or just Logan Awards for short.  They present awards in three categories: Out­stand­ing Orig­i­nal Com­edy Song, Out­stand­ing Par­ody Song, and Out­stand­ing Com­edy Music Video

The awards are named after Logan White­hurst.  A comedy musician whose songs were a frequent and popular part of the Dr. Demento show.  He passed away in 20006 from a cancerous brain tumor.

The awards are selected this way.  Anyone can nominate a song or videos from the past calender year; re-treatments of old songs are eligible but not re-releases.  The awards chairperson, new one selected each year, picks three people from comedy music fandom and three active comedy musicians for the jury.  Jurors can not participate in the open nomination process.  The jury select from the nominees their top fives from the song pool and give them to the chairperson who tallies the votes.  The five with most votes are announced as nominees and the one with the most votes wins.

Logan Award Statuette

The physical award itself was designed by Jamie Noguchi in honor of Logan Whitehurst’s song “Robot Cat” and can be seen above.  Funding for the whole thing comes from fans of comedy music.  So give if you can to this thing so it can keep going.  Comedy music does not get a lot of respect.

Now for this year’s nominees, with my own personal faves mark with an *.

Out­stand­ing Com­edy Music Video

Grandma Got a Face­book – Your Favorite Mar­t­ian
Jack Spar­row — The Lonely Island (f/Michael Bolton)
Per­form This Way — Weird Al Yankovic
The Creep — The Lonely Island (f/Nicki Minaj)
The Mup­pet Show Theme Song — OK Go and the Muppets *

Out­stand­ing Orig­i­nal Com­edy Song

Athe­ists Don’t Have No Songs — Steve Mar­tin and the Steep Canyon Rangers
Hulkulele – Nuclear Bub­ble Wrap
I Am The Doc­tor — Devo Spice
I Can’t Wrap — Scooter Pic­nic
It’s Not Just For Gays Any­more — Neil Patrick Harris *

Out­stand­ing Par­ody Song

Char­lie Sheen — Power Salad
If I Could Be Weird Al — Mon­eyshot Cos­mo­nauts
Party in the C.I.A. — Weird Al Yankovic
Per­form This Way — Weird Al Yankovic
Snoopy The Dogg — Luke Ski *

The win­ners this year will be announced at Deep­South­Con 50 in Huntsville, AL on June 16th at a special concert.

Check out each of them and pick your favorite.  I will post the winners after the con.

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