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Top 10 Star Wars Songs to Use the Force To

Star Wars one of the (if not single ) biggest fanboy inducing nerdy out over franchises ever.  It invokes strong feelings in its fans and some put those feelings into song.  So with May having both May 4th and 25th considered Star Wars Day for different reasons, I honor the month with this list of Star Wars songs.

1. Grease Wars: great Luke Ski took the music from the movie/play Grease and reworked it to be a melody about the first Star Wars movie with the help of Carrie Dahlby.  This was the first thing I ever heard from him or any member of the FuMP and can be credited for helping lead me on the track to creating and running this blog.

2. We all know Han Solo is the coolest guy in the Star Wars universe and Mikey Mason shares with us his desire to be cool like him in Han Solo Cool.

3.  H2Awesone gives us a look into the mind of Luke and his feelings for Uncle Owen and living on the farm.  A rock number that puts Luke in the role of young rebel wanting to break free.

4. Adam Warrock has Star Wars Uncut that expresses fans love for the original movies and about a group of fans making their own fan film to go with it.

5. We get a number of songs from Sci-Fried about Star Wars: Join the Empire, Wanna Be Your Jedi, Star Wars Idiot, and several more to check out.

6. One of the first songs I ever heard from Dual Core was A New Hope (first song on their first album).  It shows off the fun word play of INT80 and the beats of C64.

7. Baby It’s Cold Outside (Hoth Version) with both Kirby Krackle and the Doubleclicks takes a classic and gives it a little Star Wars twist.

8. Tom Smith sings about all Waking Up Jedi or Sith, depends on how you see it.

9. Even the bad guys get some songs about them too.  Marc Gunn strums out a Lusty Young Sith.  Not really about Siths or something children should listen to really.  wink

10. Now I am not that big of a mc Chris fan, but Fett’s Vette is pretty toe tapping and just fun.  Loved it since I first heard it on Sealab.

Honorable Mention: The Star Wars theme done 8bit by Will Gannon.



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2nd Annual New York Funny Songs Fest 2013

NY Funny Songs Fest (NYFSF), NYC’s only comedy music festival, is celebrating its second year after a successful Kickstarter campaign.  The fest is Thursday May 30 through Sunday June 2 at different location in the city.

On Thursday things start off at 6 PM with registration a mixer at the Santos Party House (96 Lafayette at Canal Street).   At 8-9:30 PM the opening showcase with locals Dave Hill, Mindy Raf, Jessica Delfino, Ben Kronberg, Jen Kwok, Summer and Eve, Rob Paravonian, Ben Lerman and others performing followed by a Q&A and meet an greet.   From 9:30-11 PM the out of towners play, Devo Spice (NJ), Jamie Brew (Chicago), Titler (Boston), Steamy Bohemians (Boston), Todd Chappelle (Philadelphia) and more performing with their own Q&A and meet an greet.  The night party hosted by Ben Lerman and  Carolyn Castiglia starts at 11 PM  with special performance by Adira Amram, karaoke, photo booth, drink specials, free food and to be announced guests.  Party ends at 1 AM.  

On Friday, they have several workshops during the day.  At 1:30 PM there is a parody writing workshop lead by the The Parodivas.  At 2:45 PM an original funny song writing workshop and showcase.  Then at 4 PM you can join in a ukulele lesson, song writing workshop, and circle jam.  All three workshops are an hour-long and held at Tammany Hall (152 Orchard Street).

Later that night at 5 PM it is a Happy Hour Mixer at Tammany Hall with pros and fans for free.  Then at 7-8:15 PM (doors open at 6:30) a showcase of different comedic duos and trios will perform,  Mel and ElStuckey & Murray, Squirm and Germ, The Skivvies, and The Parodivas. From 8-10 PM the 50 Funny Songs will have 50 performers of different genres, experience, and instrumentation will each perform for two minutes or less.  Finally from 10:15-12:15 PM (doors at 9:30 PM) four comedy bands will play and in between acts stand-ups will perform funny songs with the bands for the first time.  Featuring comedy bands Kill The Band, The BTK Band, Bad Teenage Moustache, My Left Tit, Liam McEneaney and more. Same location for each events.

Plus from 9-10 PM at (UCB East, 153 East 3 Street) they are holding a showcase starring Summer and Eve with special guests.  Show is $10 at the door and doors open at 8:30 PM.

Moving on to Saturday.  At the Living Room (154 Ludlow Street) from 1-3 PM a Comedy Industry Panel with pros talking about becoming a full-time musician or comedian.  From 4-5 PM music pros will work with kids to create their own funny songs and then the kids get to perform their new song for everyone.  5-6 PM is a discussion on marketing your music and self to the world.  

Over at Tammany Hall from 6-8 PM is a screening of comedy music videos by Up & Down Theater, Insane Ian, Carolyn Castiglia (CKC) & Beena Steena, Stuckey & Murray, Rob Paravonian and more with live performances by Myq & Micah.   Then from 8-10 PM it is A Night of Dirty Songs with Jessica Delfino, Red Peters, Ben Lerman, My Left Tit, burlesque beauty Ms. Tina Cione and others performing “R” rated material.

For late night events they have two.  One at UCB East from 11:30-12:30 PM with a comedy rap battle.  five of NYC’s comedians and one audience volunteer with compete in a freestyle rap battle to the death (well not actual death).  Six rounds of one-on-one rap battles decided by the audience.  Doors at 11 PM and $5 at the door. Meanwhile over at Joe’s Pub (425 Lafayette Street) at the same time is Rob Contrell CD Release Party and NYFSF Wrap Party.  “Big Rob” releases his first comedy rap CD “Dreams Never Die” and the first 25 entries get a free copy.  DJ TigerVsCobra, Carolyn Castiglia and other special guests will be there.  Then the wrap party with a hip hop, rap, and r&b comedy music extravaganza with a chance to take the mic your self and win prizes.  Tickets are $12 for the event.

Finally Sunday.  Back at The Living Room as part of DayLife, a three block special event of food and fashion vendors, NYFSF people will be taking the stage for a last chance to see them perform.  Also they will a pastrami eating contest, yoga classes, DJ lessons, badminton, face painting, and other events.  It goes from 1-5 PM and is free.

Then a field trip to see Weird Al perform outside of the city with fellow Al fans and a pre-show gift bag.  Everyone is to meet up at 5 PM at Patrick Conway’s Pub (40 E. 43rd Street) and then travel by train to the concert.  Tickets for this event are $75 which gets you a ticket to the show, train ticket, and the gift bag.  Buy early for this.

To buy tickets for the event at Brown Paper Tickets.  Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door unless noted above.  You can also buy a pass to see the 50 Funny Songs event online via StageIt.

You can also order a special Funny Songs Fest t-shirt.  Shirts are $20 and only a limited amount will be available.  Reserve one by e-mail or through PayPal.

Looks like a fun show for fans of comedy music and the bar scene kind of party.


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BRKfest 2013 is Coming

The chiptune music festival BRKfest is back for a second year.  Three days of food, drinking, friends, and chip music.  August 2nd-4th at Al’s Bar (601 N Limestone St) in Lexington, KY.  Friday August 2 at 12:00PM to Sunday August 4 at 4:30PM.Cover Photo

They have a big line up of chip artists.  From Game Boy DJs to trackers to old consoles and from moshing music to dance music.  Returning from last year AndaruGOHunterQuinn,  Awesome ForceSPRYRoboctopusSp00ked, and Solarbear.  New musicians BSK, Trey Frey, an0va, Mr. Wimmerboaconstructor,  ProtoflightShanebroParallelis,  blog fave Inverse Phase, Starpilot, SoftRESET,  MonsterVision,  Auxcide, Ricky Brugal+LET’S DISINFECT!+Rainbowdragoneyes,  Snesei, Galaxy Wolf,  Chillbrave, and SKGB.

Tickets will be on sell Monday May 27th.  There will be only 200 available for $50 for all weekend.  If there are still any left over they will sell one day passes at the door for $20.  Show if for people 18 and older.

If you like chip music and have the money, I would suggest checking out the show.

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A_Rival and Inverse Phase on Tour

Chip Hop rapper A_Rival’s new album TRUTHCANNON is being released on May 21 and he is going on tour with some friends.

The album is more love letter to videogame music than his previous chip-infused nerdcore work.  With nearly all of it being original work.  Check out a preview.

The mini tour starts this Saturday at 8 Static where he will be debuting tracks off the album.  He will be joined by Inverse Phase, Saint, Watabou, and Radionarcotix on visuals.  Inverse Phase will also be doing a workshop on chip music and its different sounds.  Show starts at 7pm.  Admission is $7-$10.  After party at the The Institute Bar with A_Rival DJing.  

On Monday (5/13) at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore A_Rival, Inverse Phase, and Compycore, with visuals by Pixelseed, will be playing.  Tickets are $8, doors open at 7 PM.

Finally on Tuesday (5/14) the tour comes to Gallery 5 in Richmond.  A_Rival and Inverse Phase are joined this time by Cuttlefish and DataCats on visuals.  Doors open at 6 PM, show starts at 8 PM, tickets $8.  There will be gaming set-ups sponsored by Play N Trade Carytown and cupcakes.

Inverse will also be playing and doing panels at Animazement May 24-26 in Raleigh, NC.

A_Rival is also helping a Kickstarter project for the Ultimate Chiptune Weekend in Seattle.  A 3 day festival of various forms of chip music with several names already saying they will be there.  They need $6,200 but only have $1,475 so far with 7 days to go.  So if you can spare a few bucks and get your ticket to the event or at least an album to download from the event.  Acts signed include Trey Frey, SmiletronHenry Homesweet, Radlib aka OxygenStar, Electric Children and more.

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