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News from Adam Warrock

Adam Warrock is set to release his next free mixtape on January 7th.  In the past he has done West Coast Avengers, Firefly, Harry Potter, and more.  This time it will be eight tracks about Doctor Who, which is strange when you realize one of his most famous songs in the past was “Never Watched Doctor Who.”  Turns out he has been secretly watching the show and is five seasons in already.


He will also be starting on his West Coast tour this January with Schaffer the Darklord and Tribe One.  I was able to catch part of his comic shop tour with Tribe One a few weeks ago at Packrat Comics in Columbus, Ohio and it was great.

Very laid back and crowd friendly.  They share stories and get people involved with the music.   

Jan 9 – Seattle, WA – The Lo-Fi w/ Beefy & Death Star (info)
Jan 10 – Portland, OR – The Analog w/ Kid Apocalypse (inf0)
Jan 11 – Boise, ID – The Spacebar Arcade (info)
Jan 12 – Salt Lake City, UT – Shred Shed w/ Mark Dago (inf0)
Jan 14 – Phoenix, AZ – Pub Rock w/ Mega Ran (info)
Jan 15 – San Diego, CA – The Merrow w/ Doc Awk (info)
Jan 16 – Las Vegas, NV – Bar 702 w/ 3D6 – FREE (info)
Jan 17 – Los Angeles, CA – Complex LA (info)
Jan 18 – San Francisco, CA – Hemlock Tavern w/ Dual Core (info)
Jan 19 – Mt. Shasta, CA – Mt. Shasta Vets Club – FREE (info)


If you have not heard it yet, Warrock’s latest album, Middle of Nowhere, is out.

The Middle of Nowhere cover art

The album has the two best sides of nerdcore;  flows about various nerdy subjects over great beats that make you just want to geek out.  Plus uplifting songs about following your dreams and being yourself.



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Press Release: Maid Cafe NY to Host Promotional Fundraiser for “Santa Company” Film

Maid Cafe NY will hold a promotional fundraiser event supporting upcoming Christmas themed Japanese animation film “Santa Company” on December 22nd, 2013 from 3pm – 4pm at 150 Centre Street, Downtown, NY. Free to attend and open to the public, “Santa Company” will be introduced through multimedia interviews with cast and production members discussing the production based in Japan.

Free “Santa Company” swag will be available to attendees, as well as autographed illustrations and posters from the film for supporters who donate money toward the “Santa Company” Kickstarter campaign. The event culminates with a world-premiere casting announcement about famous voice actors signing onto the project to perform principle roles.

About the Film, “Santa Company”
Noel is a girl who has just joined the mysterious Company. Santa Company is an international corporation that consists of three departments: Santa Dept., Reindeer Dept. and Gift department. And only once a year, these three departments work together and use their expertise to safely deliver Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve!

It’s told with a touch of romance and action. It also shows how ordinary people with no particular special powers systematize the job of Santa Clauses to make it fitted in the real world, relationships between workers, and this Christmas gifts delivery business’s power of influence and economic effects.

Animator and director Kenji Itoso (who worked with Hayao Miyazaki and Satoshi Kon) has currently raised more than half of $50,000 to finance “Santa Company” through Kickstarter. Funding will be used to create the film as well as produce English and French subtitles.

About Maid Cafe NY
Located at 150 Centre Street in Manhattan, Maid Cafe NY is a theme café, offering unique Japanese food, sweets, drink and merchandise served by professionally trained servers dressed in cute maid outfits in a fashionable Japanese pop setting. Food and sweets include Japanese curry, Rice Ball, various Matcha Green Tea sweets, and Japanese style parfait and crepes. Maid Cafe also offers occasional live music entertainment.

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Patreon Campaign by Inverse Phase

Patreon is a new kind of crowd source site.  Instead of just giving money for one project, you pledge to give an amount (your choice)  for each release of a creator.  When they make a release, like a new song, music video, EP, or album; you make the same pledge.  Your pledge is the same for any release.

Chip Music creator and panelist Inverse Phase is the first performer I know to use this and he has listed some cool rewards for higher pledges.  When he releases some that costs money you will get a code for a free download.  Free releases like video and some songs will just go straight to funding quality material.

Inverse expects no more than one release per month, so you know how much you will be spending over the year.  Patreon does let you set a monthly budget and you can change or cancel your pledges at any time.

Pledges start at $1 per release.  At the $4 level you get to be part of Skype chat per release, $8 gets you a one-on-one chat, higher levels gets you a sticker pack, handwritten thank you letter, Twitter mentions, one weird non-alcoholic beverage per release shipped to you, get your own music on Inverse’s releases, get credited as a patron on bandcamp, get on stage during a performance or a shout out during a show.

Goals for this project are to create a visual contraption to improve live show quality and even build his own instruments.  He has already made his album/EP The Midnight Chiptunes available for free.

One of the projects he is working is a soundtrack to the game Treachery in Beatdown City for PS Vita.  Also he is working on free music for Christmas.  Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ pages for an update on Christmas day.

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