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Kickstarters to Look Check Out

Kickstarter is a great way for acts to finianzie and check people’s opinion on new projects; also great for fans to help their favorite acts and learn about new ones.  Here are a couple of music related ones to check out and maybe support.

The Austin Troubadours first CD – “Mediterranean Journey”

Austine Troubadours are a Medieval and Renaissance music group that plays songs from Italy, Spain, France and Balkan countries, on period instruments.  The group includes Renaissance lute, baroque violin, early woodwinds,  harpsichord, and many other instruments that I have never heard of along with voice.  This albums will include Italian monophonic dances from the “British Library” Manuscript, “Cantigas De Santa Maria” from a collection attributed to Spanish king Alfonso El Sabio, French Renaissance dances from Attaingnant editions, and a few of the oldest examples of songs and dances from Serbia and Macedonia.  The album will try to recreate the sounds and spirits of Medieval Mediterranean.

They are looking for $3,000 and already have $1,819 so far.  Sponsor levels include getting the CD, an invite to the release party, name listing in the album booklet, dinner with the band, and a private concert (for those in central Texas area).  They have 15 more days to reach their goal.

The Slants Need a New Tour Bus

The Slants are an Asian synth-pop band from Oregon with a big following in the anime fandom. In the last four years they have played over 350 shows all across the US and Europe at anime cons, dive bars and tropps overseas.  They need new a new touring bus.  They travel for several months out the year and needs something that can handle the intense touring.  They have already spent most of their money on their latest album and now are looking for help from their fans who have helped them since the beginning.

For $10,000 they can get an old shuttle bus and renovate it for touring.  They will also not have to use a trailer anymore and invest money into their stage show.  More funds will go to an even better vehicle. They have already got $4,232 with 14 days to go.  Various donation levels will get you digital albums, CDs, special songs, personal shout-out, t-shirt, other merch, tour DVD, original art, personalized song, private concerts, and more.

Worm Quartet “Songs of the Maniacs” Album

The one man band from Rochester, New York Worm Quartet (a.k.a. Shoebox) has played on both the Dr. Demento radio show (with the most requested song of 2004)  and a core member of The FuMP is now releasing his long-awaited next album.  He has collaborated with Sudden Death and MC Lars.  In 2007 he won a Logan Award for his song “The Ballad of Dr. Stopp.”

This Kickstarter is to fund the mastering of the albums, license the one cover song, cover printing of the albums, and other assorted costs.

Donation incentives include buttons, downloads, CDs, bonus discs, and exclusive USB flash drives mounted in Atari cartridges and loaded with the entire Worm Quartet discography (available only through this project).

(NOTE:  This is a prototype…the final product will look slightly different.)

Prizes for high levels include personalized songs Worm Quartet/Devo Spice house concerts.

He has already reached the $1,300 goal he was looking for, so he place a stretch goal of $2,600 to buy a new keytar.  He passed this as well. Now if he raises $4,400 he plans to upgrade his “studio” with new equipment.  14 days left on this one too.

Steamstock- A Music Featival From Another Time

Swing Goth has hosted several different events over the last five years like The Bowie Ball, a San Fran and NYC Burton Ball, Gaiman vs. Moore, and others.  They were chosen Best of the Bay in 2009 and its various events have been covered in over 30 newspaper articles, including: New York Times, New York Post, SF Chronicle, SF Bay Guardian, and SF Weekly.  Recently they did nighttime events as part of the steampunk con, Clockwork Alchemy.  Now they want to do a whole steampunk music festival. 

They are planning to have two stages, over ten bands both national and local, vendors, belly dancers, aerialists, fire dancers, and a raised dance floor for partying.  They will do all this if they raise $3,000.  If they get $4,000 they will add ferries to take people between San Francisco and their venue, Craneway Pavilion, allowing you to travel to and from a steampunk event in a boat.  At $5,000 they will add a boat from San Jose.  At $6,000 they will start announcing national level bands.  Raise enough and they will put the bands on the boats.

Bands that have already said they will play the event include Abney Park,Vernian Process,5 Cent Coffee,Blue Rabbit, and Vagabondage.

With 14 days to go they have only raised $737.  For supporting you can get bumper stickers, badge ribbons, a silk cravat, dance instruction DVD, shopping bag, metal badge, hair clip, seed pod bag, hat pin, necklace and earring set, ticket to the show ($40 level), dance levels, and various outfits fitted to you.

You can email them ( to sign up for their mailing list or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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Johan Knights Signs Contract

Last week singer/songwriter Johan Knight received a recording contract with Mercury Retrograde Press.

He will be creating songs based on their various novels and work with them on the develop of video games and other projects.  The first song will not be out till about January of next year, but then they will be coming out with the release of new books.  Till then he has a lot of reading to do.  He is planning on trying out some new creative and experimental songs with these recordings.

Johan Knight is best known as a paranormal folk musician, singing about haunted houses, ghosts, creepy monsters, and the like.  He has also this year released a steampunk album, The Age Of Steam: Strange Machines, and has done another album about a friend’s comic book project called Nobody Gets The Girl.  This October he will also be releasing Another Creepy Christmas, an album about creepy Christmas songs.  This was a project  he originally had going on Kickstarter to see if any was interested in it and it turns people want creepy Christmas songs.  Other albums in the works are a follow to Age of Steam and one about South Dakota.

Mercury Retrograde Press is a small press publisher of fantasy, sci-fi, and the unconventional stories that might not get told anywhere else.  They publish in novel form and ebooks.


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First Annual NY Funny Songs Fest

A new music festival is coming to New Your City.  The First Annual New York Funny Songs Fest will be 4 days from June 7-10 at assorted venues in Lower East Side of Manhattan.

The event has been organized by comedy musician Jessica Delfino and will feature over 50 other comedy musicians. Such as Rob Paravonian, Jen Kwok, Ben Lerman, Myq Kaplan and Micah Sherman (Myq and Micah), Devo Spice, Soce The Elemental Wizard, Mindy Raf, Carolyn Castiglia, Cock Lorge, David Cope, Killy Dwyer, Barbara Holm, Camille Harris, and comedy videos by Adira Amramand Stuckey & Murray and Adira Amram.  They will tell jokes and perform on everything from guitar to ukulele to harp to rape whistles and more.

The Lower East Side has been a place for comedy musical performance for years and was chosen as the place for the festival.  Shows will be at Tammy Hall, Lolita Bar, Casa Mezcal, The Dressing Room, The Upstairs Bar, and more.

Activities include an opening night party, after parties featuring comedy music videos,  music showcases, group challenge about writing songs about The Anarchists Cookbook, A Night of Dirty Songs, music showcase of 50 musicians playing a short song, karaoke, comedy music industry panel, Comedy Music Awards, and a closing party.

If you want to spend a weekend in New York laughing, this sounds like it.

Tickets and more information are available at and at

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Hastune Miku “Live” Performance at Camera 3

This Saturday May 26th at 10pm there will be a “live” Hatsune Miku performance during Fanime Con in San Jose at Camera 3 Cinema brought to you by Vocalekt Visions. This will be a one time performance of the 3D virtual Japanese idol.  This will be the first chance to buy the new CD “V4” Vocalekt Visions Vocaloid Vacation. 

For those who do not know, Vocaloid is a music/singing software from Japan that can be used to create original songs or redo other songs.  Each version of Vocaloid has a different voice database.  Each voice is personified as a different character.  The most popular, and original one, is Miku.

Vocalek Visions is a group of world wide Vocaloid producers (the term for one who writes songs with Vocaloid) formed in 2011.  They are becoming one of the most active Vocaloid groups outside of Japan.   The founders of the group  Tempo-P and NeutrinoP will be at this event.

Their shows do not just include their original music, but by using their own AniMiku software are able to produce a Hatsune Miku hologram that performs along with the music live.  Well not live live, but you get the point.

Tickets for the event are $15 ($12 with Fanime badge) at the door.  They are going to try and get pre order up before in hand.  Glowsticks will be sold there.

For those like me who can’t make it out there, let us hope they work it out for a live video feed of the event.  If they get it to work it will be available on the Vocalekt Visions Facebook Page.

On the same day at Otaku Festival in Bucharest, Romania other members of Vocalekt Visions will be doing a concert over there as well.

Check out VocalektVisions for more information.

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Two Albums Out This Week

Two albums have come out this week that I would like to highlight.

The first one is from Adam WarRock called Neo-Tokyo.  It is a seven track album based on Akira, the anime movie of Katshiro Otomo’s manga. Production work by DiceptioN, assistants by Chris Haley (of Let’s Be Friends Again) on track 7, and albums cover by Kevin Church.

Adam is one of my favorite rappers out there and this album continues the love.  He is crisp and clear on his vocals, the lyrics are inspired and flow together really well. I have not actually seen the movie my self, even though I am a big anime fan, but just listening to these songs you feel like you can piece it together yourself and understand the feeling of it.  DiceptioN is new to me, but his mixes on this album are fantastic.

It is available for digital download for $5 at Adam’s Bandcamp account.  Recommended highly for fans nerdcore hip-hop and anything about anime.

The other one is a collaboration between two members of the FuMP, Insane Ian and TV’s Kyle.  Together they have formed Scooter Picnic and the albums is Headliners.  Their album is 14.5 songs they wrote and recorded during a February Album Writing Month challenge.  The album also has a couple of short skits, mainly six called “The Sean Connery Mini Abridged Movie Marathon,” for a total of 26 tracks.  They call the albums “the nerdiest nerdcore album evaaaaar” and depending on what you think nerdy is it might just be.

The album runs the gamut of good tracks to pretty bad.  They are all pretty fun though.  The boys actual skill at rapping is not the worst I have every heard; they can flow along with the music at least.  My personal favorite track is probably Tokusatsu Heroes, making fun of transforming superheroes of Japan.

This is also available for digital download at $5 from Scooter Picnic’s Bandcamp account. Recommended moderately for fans of comedy music.  Not so much for rap fans.

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Nerdapalloza Announces Line-up

Nerdapalooza, the largest nerd music festival, has started announcing acts for this year’s show. The show brings several different genres of nerd music together for one big party.  This year the show is August 3-5 at the The Social & The Beacham in Orlando, FL

Their headliners for this year are the electro dance /party duo Koo Koo Kanga Roo and Mega Man tribute band The Megas.  Koo Koo Kanga Roo is currently running a Kickstarter for a new albume, 30 songs about 30 animals in 30 minutes.

The show includes other video game themed bands like Descendants of Erdrick, their first time at Nerdapalooza,  Random Encounter, The OneUps, and brand new Final Fantasy rock opera troupe  Those Who Fight.

On the 8-bit side is first timer Bit Brigade, who performer video game music and a speed run of the game they are covering, they will be the pre-party headliner and performing during the weekend, so two chances to catch them.  Creator of “With Lyrics” series of videos and albums brentalfloss and chiptune mixer/guitarist Danimal Cannon. 

They have several great nerdocre hip hop likes for this year.  Nerdaplooza mainstay  Schaffer the Darklord, hacker and friend on mine Dual Core, the worlds premier comic book rapper (he also does Firefly, Harry Potter, Downtown Abbey, and not watching Doctor Who), Adam WarRock, his usual partner in rap Tribe One will be joining him on stage and doing his own performance, and the ThoughtCriminals.  Frogsuit a brand new Nerdcore group that is a made up of My Parents Favorite Music, 8-Bit Duane, and Joey Zadjino will get to show off their new stuff at the event.

Nerdaplooza will be bringing DJs for pre-party, after-party, after hour raves, and DJ’ing events during the day too.  Two that have been announced are Dj RoboRob and DJ Cutman.

Nerdaplooza will also be host to Epic Win Burlesque from New York City for some shows that are both geeky and sexy.  Not sure which turns me on more.

I am sure they are not done with bringing more bands and acts for the weekend, so keep up with them to see who else will be able to make it.  Tickets for the event are limited, so if you really want to go make sure to per-register.

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Hello world!

Welcome to Nerdy and Geeky Music Blog.   This is my very first post.

Happy listening!


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