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Summon the Kraken Not Stirred

Kraken Not Stirred is a nerd music act which plays various genres and write songs that cover many nerdy topics.  This minion of a deep sea monstrous creator sings songs about science fiction, fantasy, computers, conventions, and general weirdness.  Their newest album is Robots vs Monsters.  It is about robots and monsters performing about their plans for the destruction of humanity.  Each side is represented by different music styles; electronica for robots and metal for monsters.

They each get a few solo tracks to themselves, showing off their skills.  They also fight in rap style battles about who is superior.  They do finally join forces with the mighty Kraken to destroy all the humans and the world.  I real feel good story.

Personally I like the rock of the monsters more.  Just more my style and the robots are a little too monotone for me, but the robots do have a dance party feel.

Something I would recommend for people who want new Halloween music or fans of either electronica or harder rock who want some nerdy music that is for everyone.

You can buy a digital album for $6, physical CD for $8, at Robots vs Monsters T-shirt for $20, or get a World Domination Pack with the album, t-shirt, and button set for $28.  T-shirt and album cover art done by Peter Chiykowski of the web comic Rock, Paper, Cynic.

Kraken will be appearing at a book launch party at Bakka Phoenix Books in Toronto, Canada this Saturday at 2pm with other music acts and webcomic creators.


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Big Awesome Music Festival During SDCC

The Big Awesome Music Festival (BAMF) is on off-site event during San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) featuring nerdy artists, geeky comedians and podcasters at Ruocco Park behind the convention center on Friday July 10th through Sunday July 12th.  They will have performances from nerdy music artists, geeky comedians, live podcasts, dance party, fandom burlesque, and more.  It will be open from 10am to 10:30pm on Friday and Saturday and 10am to 5pm from Sunday.  Music starts Friday and Saturday at 5pm.

The line up for Friday consists of rock band Ki, nerd rockers Kirby Krackle, geek musician Eben Brooks, comedy duo Paul and Storm, nerdy love song writer Allie Goertz, geek mixer DJ Galactic Ray, nerd parody group The Library Bards, and geek rockers Random Gibberish.

Saturday’s line up is nerdcore rapper Mega Ran, sister duo the Doubleclicks, singer-songwriter Molly Lewis, geek punk Nerf Herder, 8-bit mixer DJ DN3, and more by Kirby Krackle and DJ Galactic Ray.

For Sunday they have stand-up comedian Jen Seaman, geek flavored comedian Joseph Scrimshaw, writer Ed Galvez, podcasters Baker Street Babes who will record a live episode, Tim Mattonen, and Josh Chambers.

There will be a bounce house, beers from local breweries, food trucks, and gaming on site each day from 10m to 5pm.  They will have their own artist alley, quidditch matches hosted by U.S. Quidditch on Sunday, a burlesque by the Pixie Stixx Burlesque, and a cosplay contest.

They are using Indiegogo as their ticket system.  Get passes, t-shirt, autographed merch, and more there.

A great place for some music and comedy outside of SDCC in between events.

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Nerdapalooza 2013

I am sorry I let this one almost slip by me.  Nerdapalooza, the biggest nerd music event, is back with another great line up this year.  At the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL from Friday October 18th through Sunday the 20th.

Headliners for this year are They Might Be Giants.  The alternative rock band known for the crazy lyrics and wild style.  Their appearance on Tiny Toons lead a whole new generation, including myself, to discover them.  They have written music for the Daily Show, Dexter’s Lab, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Oblongs, and more.  They were the first major labor recording artist to release an album entirely in MP3 format.

Friday night gets things started with performances by nerdcore  superstars Mega Ran, Jesse Danerously, Shinobi Ninja, and Adam Warrock; Gemeni, house band of OverClocked Remix the OverClocked University, chip rockers Urizen, and the electronic/chip music of Benjamin Briggs, Professor Shyguy,  and DJ Cutman.

Saturday starts in the morning with rappers 9K1 and goes from there.  Other acts through out the day are chip rockers The Runaway Five, nerdcore artists Beefy, Schaffer the DarklordB-Type, My Parents’ Favorite Music, and MC Frontalot; comedy acts brentalfloss and with the OneUps and Marc with a C; video game rock of Random Encounter, Careless Juja, the Protomen, Lords of Thunder and Moon Hooch; chip music with Nullsleep,.  The night ends with They Might be Giants followed by Epic Win Burlesque.

Sunday still has plenty of great acts.  It starts off though with an open mic session.  Acts playing that day are nerdcore rappers Death*Star, Sammus, and MC Lars; nerd/geek rockers Sci-Fred, the Gekkos, The OneUps, Nerf Herder (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s theme music), the Returners, and Urizen again; electronic with DJ RoboRob; comedy rock acts of Peelander-Z and Green Jelly; whatever  Solillaquists of Sound is, and heavy metal with  Powerglove and Dethlehem.

The festival will also have nerd themed artists, several indie game designers, plus vendors and exhibitors.  Friday is free, Saturday passes are $50, and Sunday’s $40.  A full weekend pass is $70.

Once again I so want to go, but can not.  So much different music to check out, everyone can find something to love.

Plus do not forget about The Day After party on Monday the 22nd.  With over twenty performers like YTCracker, Mega Ran and K-Murdock, and Richie Branson.


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The Candy Spooky Theater, GPK, and DJ SiSeN North American Tour

Nexus Productions, Neon Promotions, and Tainted Reality are producing Pandemonium Tour Vol.1.  A tour of J-Rock music that aims to offer fan a more dance club experience, with a Halloween theme, rather than just a concert experience.  Attendees are encouraged to wear their Halloween costume since they will be having an open costume contests.  The winner will get a Pandemonium Tour prize package.

Headliners for the tour are EDM solo artist GPK (formerly of GPKism), Tokyo dark underground DJ SiSeN, and The Candy Spooky Theater, celebrating their 10th anniversary.  Other performers who will appear include DJ Mighty Mike Saga, Ignite Violet, and DJ Super Sonic. Music at the events will be a mix of EDM, Industrial, Electro, EBM, Chiptunes, Dubstep, and House.

The tour kicks off on September 27th in Bellingham, Washington with just Candy Spooky Theater and again on October 5th.  SiSeN and GPK performan on October 2nd and 4th in the same town.  On October 6th they will be in San Jose , CA with special guests Kairu and Belle Mortelle;  on October 11th in Los Angeles, CA with SiSeN only; October 12th in Glendale, CA; October 13th in San Antonio, TX; October 18th in Philadelphia, PA with DJ Zircon and Roger Shackelford; October 19th in Baltimore, MD with DJ Mighty Mike Saga and DJ Supersonic; and finally October 20th in New York City with Mighty Mike and Ignite Violet.

Ticket prices and times vary from place to place.  Also most are 21+ only.  During the tour Tainted Reality will be running a telethon on October 17th online.

Fans of anime convention raves will want to try and find a stop along the tour to hit up.  Other fans of electronic music as well.

Candy Spooky Theater contains elements of deathrock, children’s nursery rhymes, and bizaree styling with elaborate staged events.

DJ Sisen specializes in industrial and rhythmic noise.  He models for Takuya Angel and Kikirara Shoten as well.

GPK is a J-goth artist and DJ who works in industrial/EBM-electro driven.  This will be his first performances in the US as a solo artist.

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Death Of Disko Warp

A message from Disko Warp, a electronic music and lifestyle label from Seattle WA,  founder and owner Pete Ellison aka Initial P;

After 8 years of running independent dance label Disko Warp, I’ve decided to place it on indefinite hiatus to pursue other activities and new artistic directions. I feel like the Disko Warp team has accomplished a lot of great things, but unfortunately all things must change and it’s time to move on to other projects and areas of work. You will probably still see me produce new songs from time to time, and I’ll still be participating in The Paradise Last’s Eurobeat Forever project, and maybe some more toho or anime remix projects. We’ll have to see what comes up. I’ll still be DJ-ing, so I hope you’ll come see me play at a rave or convention some time.

For myself, the decision to retire the label comes with a shift in focus to my personal artistic expression and visual art. I’ve started a new site to showcase and offer my work for sale, so I hope you’ll check it out.

You can continue to follow me and my creative activities: TumblrDeviantart, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: petehasabeard.

I want to thank everyone who has supported the Disko Warp label since its inception in 2005, purchased our releases, come to our events and cheered us on. Maybe Disko Warp will return again some day when the time is right and the stars align. It’s been and always will be a pretty significant part of my life. As a way of saying thanks to Disko Warp’s fans, I’ve decided to publish the majority of our back catalog for download at no charge. You can check that out right now. Please feel free to spread that link any way that you see fit.

You can still support our efforts by purchasing Disko Warp CD’s, DVD’s and merch, including a special CD+DVD+Swag bundle for $25 while supplies last.

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Top 10 Final Fantasy Bands and Albums to Ride Chocobos To

Final Fantasy (FF) is one of the world’s most popular video game series.  It revolutionized video game RPGs for all time.  The series has also known for its great music, which has inspired a number of artists to either cover in their own way, remix, or create original songs inspired by this series.  So let us look at a list of ten music acts and albums inspired from this series.

1. I have to start off with Mega Ran’s Black Materia series of albums.  First there was Black Materia which was a FF7 concept album sampling from the soundtrack.  Then Black Materia: The Remixes which remixed several tracks and added some new ones.  The there was White Materia, a mashup albums of Black Materia and various popular mainstream rap songs.  I also have the instrumental album of this and the pre-order album with early mixes of some of the songs so I own this album five times over (and one song like six).  Make of that what you may.

2. Those Who Fight have create their own Final Fantasy inspired rock opera.  It is about a crusade against the tyranny of General Bizan of the Empire of Malacia.  A misfit group out to stop the corruption that seeps into this dying world.  They are the Resistance, and they are those who fight.

3. K-Murdock’s , of Neosonic Productions, favorite FF game is FF6, so he created an instrumental album featuring remixes from it called Hero Muzik.  The first in a series of albums of Murdock’s favorite RPGs.  The album pays tribute to the games, the music, and its composer Nobuo Uematsu.

4. The Square Soft/Enix VGM folk band The World is Square is a five piece tribute band to the classic years of Square Soft/Enix games using traditional, unconventional, and modern instruments.

5. Erutan (Kate Covington/katethegreat19) is a singer/songwriter who worked out her own arrangements of the music from FF.  Performing and arranging by here self, she writes her own lyrics to songs that lack them.  You can check out her songs on her page.  Her second album, A Bard’s Side Quest features most of her FF covers and other songs from different video games.  An iTunes exclusive and was arranged with Joypad Records to remaster her arrangements and to work on licensing deals with the companies that owned the tracks.

6. Random Encounter started out as a video game cover band but has reached out to create their own video game inspired music.  Their first album has several Final Fantasy cover songs which combine acoustic instruments, synth, accordion, and electric guitar.

7. OverClock ReMix created an album of fan arrangements from FF7 called Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream.  It is a mix genres going from jazz to techno to rock to classical and more.  There is over forty-five tracks from forty artists each doing their own style.  You can get the album for free by either torrenting the whole thing or getting it track by track.

8. Knight of the Round is a thrash metal band that plays music from the FF series in their own style.  Starting out as a one man act it has grown into a metal powerhouse band.

9. Post hardcore rock band A Skylit Drive released the album Wires… and the Concept of Breathing in 2008.  Almost all of the songs are inspired by Final Fantasy in one way or another, with special attention to FFX.

10. Piano Squall, who cosplays as Squall from FFVIII, is a pianist who performs video game and anime music on piano.  His album GAME donates 20% of the money to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.   You can also get sheet music from his website for free, with an optional donation to NMSS.

Honorable Mention: Last year Square Enix released an album of the music of FFXI done as chiptune, XI Chips.  For the 25th anniversary of the series at the end of last year they also released chiptune albums of the music of FF7-FFX too.  At first they were only available in Japan, but they are going to release all five albums for purchase in both North America and Europe.  I do not see where you can buy them yet, but I want some of these.


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