Top 10 Convention Songs

As this year get’s going, nerds every where make plans to attend conventions of all kinds and all places.  So while you make plans, or just dream of attending that one awesome con that looks so cool but you can not make it to, here are some songs to play to help you get excited.

1. Welcome to the Con by Ookla the Mok is definitely #1 for me.  truly an anthem for conventions, and geek life in general.  Cons should all start by playing this song.

2. Mega Ran/Random shares some tips for going to cons he has developed over the years in Contact.  I feel they are more focused to bigger cons, but really do apply to all cons out there.

3. Convention by Nuclear Bubble Wrap

4. The Leetstreet Boys have a number of songs related to otaku fandom and life, several talking about cons.  Masquerade is a love song about finding love at a con’s costume contest only to have it crushed.  Fun, upbeat, kind of sweet, and a little heartfelt.

5. At the Con by Possible Oscar from the album Wrath of Con shares some of the best advice for con going out there; “What happens at the con, stays at the con; That’s all the information you need.”  Beside where else would you go to hear about Sailor Moon in the hot tub with Frodo.

6. A couple of years ago during before PAX (Prime), someone posted on Craigslist inviting people to a “friendly adult party” aka an orgy during the con.  This lead to at least one rapper, Beefy, writing a song about it, PAXXX.  Good song once you get past the horror of the whole thing.

7. Con Suite by Max DeGroot with Rhubarb of Foxamoore and Rhubarb and Carrie Dahlby of Carrie Dahlby deals with some troubles of someone stealing fromt he con suite, where food is there for everyone.  Furry focused, but I think we all get it.

8. Not really a brony or fan of their music myself, but The Convention is great for any fandom.  Each pony represents a different type of con goer.  Which pony are, I appear to be a Rainbow Dash.  It being a parody of an actual My Little Pony song makes it even better.  Though I do have to take points off for some of the back-handed insults the chorus members sing.

9. I Wanna Go To The Con by Hello, The Future! is a nice parody using music from Brittney Spears to discuss a fans feelings and thoughts about planning a trip to a convention.  I heard this version before Brittney’s so when I heard I was a bit confused and thought she was saying she wanted to go to a con too.

10. Finnally Devo Spice, Luke Ski, and a Dalek share with us parties and other night-time happenings of cons with The Geeks Come Out At Night.  Learn about what happens when the sun goes down on a convention and why that guy probably did not need to make a Craigslist post trying to arrange an orgy.





I just compared myself to one of the characters on My Little Pony didn’t I.  Tezuka dammit.




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4 responses to “Top 10 Convention Songs

  1. Brian

    Was wondering if you could help. A long while back I found a band that had made a song about jublix. Unfortunately I can no longer find or remember that band or website. Have any clues?

  2. Peyton

    No Brentalfloss?

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