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Press Release: Alpha Riff’s Birthday Celebration: Everything is Free

Every year, Alpha Riff does something special for the people who have supported him in his artistic endeavors and 2015 will be no different. To celebrate adding another year to his age, all paid content on Alpha Riff’s Bandcamp site will be free for 24 hours. Whether it’s From Beta to Alpha Riff, his first LP; VI: Final Fantasy VI Tribute, the 3 track EP he released to celebrate Final Fantasy VI turning 20 in the US; or Digital Champions: Migdal Bavel, his brand new sci-fi/cyberpunk laced Hip-Hopera, it will be a free download as many times as you’d like for 24 hours. Each download includes tons of extras, including ringtones, wallpapers, videos, and more.

From Beta to Alpha Riff was Alpha Riff’s debut LP. Released on May 31, 2013, From Beta to Alpha Riff tells the story of Alpha Riff facing his inner turmoil on a quest to retrieve his Glass Heart, while his rival, Beta Riff, tries to thwart him. This 31 track LP features 20 musical tracks, 11 narration, and a host of amazing features such as MC Ohm-I, 1-UP, Beefy, LMC, Crystal Hart of Undone, Force of Will, MZ, and Brad Ward. His breakout single, Superhero Swag, as well as the PAX Prime favorite, Black Holes Just Mean I Love You in Space Jargon, show off Alpha Riff’s lyrical finesse and broad topic range.

VI: Final Fantasy VI Tribute was Alpha Riff’s debut instrumental only EP. Released on October 20, 2014, VI: Final Fantasy VI Tribute features reimagined themes of three of Alpha Riff’s favorite characters from the game: Locke, Cyan, and Shadow. Having spent untold hours playing FFVI, studying its characters and stories, and listening to the original soundtrack, Alpha Riff lovingly crafted three songs to reflect what the characters mean to him. It was featured as the background music for Dr. Vern’s October 28, 2014 episode of The Nerd Groove on Nerdy.FM and credited as one of the best reinterpretations of Final Fantasy VI music to date.

Digital Champions: Migdal Bavel is Alpha Riff’s newest LP. The 23 track Hip-Hopera tells the story of a cybernetic bounty hunter, his A.I. partner, and their friends and foes. Coming off the back of a very successful IndieGoGo campaign, ending at 158% completion, the album spawned a community wide movement called the Digital Champions Consortium, where fans and creators alike could add to the story, the world, and the lore. Already, trading cards, comic books, and mobile games have been released or begun development.

On May 18th, everyone will be able to download these and other digital content for free. For those wants something physical, use the code “birthday” at checkout to receive 50% off your purchase. Grab a physical copy of Digital Champions: Migdal Bavel and From Beta to Alpha Riff for only $5 a piece or the new Digital Champions: Migdal Bavel poster, designed by Twill Distilled, for only $2.50!



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Nerdapalooza 2013

I am sorry I let this one almost slip by me.  Nerdapalooza, the biggest nerd music event, is back with another great line up this year.  At the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL from Friday October 18th through Sunday the 20th.

Headliners for this year are They Might Be Giants.  The alternative rock band known for the crazy lyrics and wild style.  Their appearance on Tiny Toons lead a whole new generation, including myself, to discover them.  They have written music for the Daily Show, Dexter’s Lab, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Oblongs, and more.  They were the first major labor recording artist to release an album entirely in MP3 format.

Friday night gets things started with performances by nerdcore  superstars Mega Ran, Jesse Danerously, Shinobi Ninja, and Adam Warrock; Gemeni, house band of OverClocked Remix the OverClocked University, chip rockers Urizen, and the electronic/chip music of Benjamin Briggs, Professor Shyguy,  and DJ Cutman.

Saturday starts in the morning with rappers 9K1 and goes from there.  Other acts through out the day are chip rockers The Runaway Five, nerdcore artists Beefy, Schaffer the DarklordB-Type, My Parents’ Favorite Music, and MC Frontalot; comedy acts brentalfloss and with the OneUps and Marc with a C; video game rock of Random Encounter, Careless Juja, the Protomen, Lords of Thunder and Moon Hooch; chip music with Nullsleep,.  The night ends with They Might be Giants followed by Epic Win Burlesque.

Sunday still has plenty of great acts.  It starts off though with an open mic session.  Acts playing that day are nerdcore rappers Death*Star, Sammus, and MC Lars; nerd/geek rockers Sci-Fred, the Gekkos, The OneUps, Nerf Herder (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s theme music), the Returners, and Urizen again; electronic with DJ RoboRob; comedy rock acts of Peelander-Z and Green Jelly; whatever  Solillaquists of Sound is, and heavy metal with  Powerglove and Dethlehem.

The festival will also have nerd themed artists, several indie game designers, plus vendors and exhibitors.  Friday is free, Saturday passes are $50, and Sunday’s $40.  A full weekend pass is $70.

Once again I so want to go, but can not.  So much different music to check out, everyone can find something to love.

Plus do not forget about The Day After party on Monday the 22nd.  With over twenty performers like YTCracker, Mega Ran and K-Murdock, and Richie Branson.


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Top 10 Super Hero Music to Leap Tall Buildings in a Single Bound To

We have all grown up with comics and super heroes.  They have inspired us to be better and do what is right among other things.  Like write songs about them.  Here are some musicians, songs, and albums that were inspired by comics and super heroes.

1. Kirby Krackle are a comic book rock band from Seattle, WA.  With all kinds of songs about super heroes and comics from Green Lantern to Spider-Man to  and even to Great Lakes Avengers.  They’ve released three albums, a self-titled debut, E for Everyone, and Super Powered Love plus several more singles and specials not all just about super heroes but in fact a wide variety of nerd topics.

2.  All in My Tights by Devo Spice with Carrie Dahlby and Chris Mezzolesta.  The one thing all good super hero needs is a good set of tights and here is a tribute to those garish, form fitting, brightly colored costumes that look ridiculous and are completely impractical for fighting crime.  Cute and funny song.

3. Dual Core’s Super Powers album features several nerdcore artists and songs about heroes.   Artists like Beefy, MC Wreckshin, ytcracker, and ZeaLous1.  The songs talk about standard comic book heroes and how everyday people can be heroes.  

4. Songs for Superheroes by Insane Ian’s EP of comic book comedy.  From big names like Green Lantern and Batman to smaller names like Spider-Ham and Ant Man with a skit about his own supe….. well some guy name Dave who gets powers.

5. Grimm’s Lament by H2Awesome! about Aunt Petunia’s favorite rock covered member of the Fantastic Four.  A look into the psyche of the Thing and the sorrow of his life.  A rock song.  Ha ha ha rock song

6. Smells Like Team Justice by Mikey Mason shares with what would happen if the Super Friends formed a band.  Grunge mixed with campy super heroics makes for an awesome song.  Does get a little dark and has some cursing, just to warn you.

7. Ookla the Mok vs. Evil is an album that features the evil side of things.  Songs about being, tributes to certain villains, and the joys of evil.

8. Two songs from Beefy, Uncanny with MC Lars and Side Kick. One deals with one of the greatest animated comic series, X-Men: The Animated Series, and even uses a remix of the theme music from the series (it’s bumping slumping).  The other one talks about various sidekicks, mostly video games but Robin is there, letting us know why they are heroes in their own right.

9. Marvel Poppins by the Great Luke Ski featuring Carrie Dahlby.  Written, mixed, and released with in four days of hearing Disney buying Marvel Comics back in 2009.  Using a song from Mary Poppins the song deals with some of the things that could have happen with the purchase.  Not all of them bad.

10. Adam Warrock, nuff said.

Honorable Mention: The Ramones covering Spider-Man theme from Cartoon Network’s Saturday Morning Greatest Hits album.





I know I have been gone for most of this month, but I have been dealing with some personal demons for a few weeks. I missed a few events to post about and Kickstarter projects to talk about. Just letting you know I do not plan to stop posting on this site and will continue to do my best for all.

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Top 10 Convention Songs

As this year get’s going, nerds every where make plans to attend conventions of all kinds and all places.  So while you make plans, or just dream of attending that one awesome con that looks so cool but you can not make it to, here are some songs to play to help you get excited.

1. Welcome to the Con by Ookla the Mok is definitely #1 for me.  truly an anthem for conventions, and geek life in general.  Cons should all start by playing this song.

2. Mega Ran/Random shares some tips for going to cons he has developed over the years in Contact.  I feel they are more focused to bigger cons, but really do apply to all cons out there.

3. Convention by Nuclear Bubble Wrap

4. The Leetstreet Boys have a number of songs related to otaku fandom and life, several talking about cons.  Masquerade is a love song about finding love at a con’s costume contest only to have it crushed.  Fun, upbeat, kind of sweet, and a little heartfelt.

5. At the Con by Possible Oscar from the album Wrath of Con shares some of the best advice for con going out there; “What happens at the con, stays at the con; That’s all the information you need.”  Beside where else would you go to hear about Sailor Moon in the hot tub with Frodo.

6. A couple of years ago during before PAX (Prime), someone posted on Craigslist inviting people to a “friendly adult party” aka an orgy during the con.  This lead to at least one rapper, Beefy, writing a song about it, PAXXX.  Good song once you get past the horror of the whole thing.

7. Con Suite by Max DeGroot with Rhubarb of Foxamoore and Rhubarb and Carrie Dahlby of Carrie Dahlby deals with some troubles of someone stealing fromt he con suite, where food is there for everyone.  Furry focused, but I think we all get it.

8. Not really a brony or fan of their music myself, but The Convention is great for any fandom.  Each pony represents a different type of con goer.  Which pony are, I appear to be a Rainbow Dash.  It being a parody of an actual My Little Pony song makes it even better.  Though I do have to take points off for some of the back-handed insults the chorus members sing.

9. I Wanna Go To The Con by Hello, The Future! is a nice parody using music from Brittney Spears to discuss a fans feelings and thoughts about planning a trip to a convention.  I heard this version before Brittney’s so when I heard I was a bit confused and thought she was saying she wanted to go to a con too.

10. Finnally Devo Spice, Luke Ski, and a Dalek share with us parties and other night-time happenings of cons with The Geeks Come Out At Night.  Learn about what happens when the sun goes down on a convention and why that guy probably did not need to make a Craigslist post trying to arrange an orgy.





I just compared myself to one of the characters on My Little Pony didn’t I.  Tezuka dammit.



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Vocalist/Producer Challenge 2

Nercore Now has been one of the top places to go for Nerdcore Hip-Hop on the internet for years, as a place for both fans and artists to converse and collaborate.  They have now evolved into an online magazine community.

They are runninger their second Vocalist/Producer Challenge (VPC).  It is a series of challenges for a group of one vocalist and one music producer.  Each round requires a new song to be written and recorded.  Each voting phase of the competition will added to their mini site for the event.  You can listen and rate tracks there.  You need to sign up or have an account with Nerdcorenow to vote, then register on the VPC forums. You can rate each track once per round and you can not change your vote.  Voting for Round 1 ends 11:40 PM PST on Saturday Feburary 2nd.  The prize for the winning team is $500 donated by KOB412 Podcast.

Vocalist Producer Challenge 2

The challenge for Round 1 is to write a sincere song.  A song that is important to the artist, about something they value and care about.  The song also needs to be mixed so it is vocal centric.  Something that highlights both the vocalist but also the lyrics of the song.  All songs will be exclusive to the VPC site.

The compliation album from the first conests is here.  Give it a listen as well.

The teams for the event are: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and .

A number of some of my favorite artists and some I am just finding out about.

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