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Nerdapalooza Says Good Bye

This year’s Nerdapalooza was great in all regards, getting the highest attendance ever of 1,234.  Unfortunately the promoters were expecting about three times that amount.  They need that much to cover their costs.  They were betting on their headliners to bring in a lot more people, which they were not able to do.  This has left the Nerdapalooza LLC with a big debt and forcing them to file for bankruptcy.  They will also be dissolving and ending the concert series.  This will end the six-year journey of Nerdapalooza.

This also means plans for Nerdapalooza have been canceled.

To help pay off the debt and final expenditures they are having a “fire sale.”  You can get the last of their merchandise at super low prices, just a few things left now.  All of their digital albums are set to pay what you want on Bandcamp.  Last chance to get them before the are gone forever.

They put some  items up on eBay and might end up putting more there as well.  If you know of anything they might have you want e-mail them at hex@nerdapalooza.org.

Now we just wait and see if these guys move on to do anything else.  I figure conventions in the area might want to talk to them about helping with music line ups, artists, video game developers, and more.  Also should stand as a lesson to other event runners, do not over-estimate your attendance.  Do not put yourself in a position where you need three times your highest attendance ever to cover costs.

I also see this is a chance for someone else to create a new nerd concert event that covers several genres and is the biggest around.  Or maybe we will all just go to MAGFest.

Though now all we can do is mourn its lost, remember any memories you have of it, and help support nerdy music around you and on tour.




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Nerdapalooza 2013

I am sorry I let this one almost slip by me.  Nerdapalooza, the biggest nerd music event, is back with another great line up this year.  At the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL from Friday October 18th through Sunday the 20th.

Headliners for this year are They Might Be Giants.  The alternative rock band known for the crazy lyrics and wild style.  Their appearance on Tiny Toons lead a whole new generation, including myself, to discover them.  They have written music for the Daily Show, Dexter’s Lab, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Oblongs, and more.  They were the first major labor recording artist to release an album entirely in MP3 format.

Friday night gets things started with performances by nerdcore  superstars Mega Ran, Jesse Danerously, Shinobi Ninja, and Adam Warrock; Gemeni, house band of OverClocked Remix the OverClocked University, chip rockers Urizen, and the electronic/chip music of Benjamin Briggs, Professor Shyguy,  and DJ Cutman.

Saturday starts in the morning with rappers 9K1 and goes from there.  Other acts through out the day are chip rockers The Runaway Five, nerdcore artists Beefy, Schaffer the DarklordB-Type, My Parents’ Favorite Music, and MC Frontalot; comedy acts brentalfloss and with the OneUps and Marc with a C; video game rock of Random Encounter, Careless Juja, the Protomen, Lords of Thunder and Moon Hooch; chip music with Nullsleep,.  The night ends with They Might be Giants followed by Epic Win Burlesque.

Sunday still has plenty of great acts.  It starts off though with an open mic session.  Acts playing that day are nerdcore rappers Death*Star, Sammus, and MC Lars; nerd/geek rockers Sci-Fred, the Gekkos, The OneUps, Nerf Herder (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s theme music), the Returners, and Urizen again; electronic with DJ RoboRob; comedy rock acts of Peelander-Z and Green Jelly; whatever  Solillaquists of Sound is, and heavy metal with  Powerglove and Dethlehem.

The festival will also have nerd themed artists, several indie game designers, plus vendors and exhibitors.  Friday is free, Saturday passes are $50, and Sunday’s $40.  A full weekend pass is $70.

Once again I so want to go, but can not.  So much different music to check out, everyone can find something to love.

Plus do not forget about The Day After party on Monday the 22nd.  With over twenty performers like YTCracker, Mega Ran and K-Murdock, and Richie Branson.


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More Nerdapalooza and the Day After

Got more on Nerdapalooza.

Announced as a headlining band, Math the Band, a duo from Providence, RI doing electro music with combination of old video game systems, analog synthesizers and other instruments.  A high energy show to catch.

Also is returning is local rock band Beebs and Her Money Makers.  They have a new album coming out and their own comic book.  Nerdcord rapper YTCracker,who Nerdapallooza refers to as “the undisputed nerd rap king.”  Now why I do like his work, I just do not see him as the king.  Go check him out and decide for yourself though.  Most interesting is a band by the name of No More Kings. They got some attention in 2007 with their song Sweep the Leg that was inspired by the Karate Kid movie and its video which featured a large number of the movie’s cast.


And if you are looking for something the day after Nerdapalooza, check out The Day After sponsored by Mammoth Sound.  It is a entire extra day of Nerdcore hip-hop.  The event will be at a bar called “The Haven” on Monday August 6th.  The Haven is a large venue with a full size stage for the show, a full suply of liquor, non-stop bear on tap, and a top of the line sound system.

The Headliners for the show are MC Lars, YTCracker, and Random aka. MegaRan.  So that will be awesome.

Joining them is mixed bag of other artists.  Soup or Villainz, King Pheenix, Former Fat Boys, Epic-1, ProjektZero,  Magitek, HD Ninja, Klopfenpop and NES-T, Emergency Pizza Party, Rappy McRapperson, JPHONIC, Shinobi MC, Shammers, StarF, Sample the Martian, and Bro-bot (Feat. 8bit Duane).  Personally other than the Former Fat Boys and Shammers, I do not know a lot or care about any of the others.  Would be a good chance to check them all out though.

The guys handling the after party dance, and doing some spinning some on turntables during the show, are DJ RoboRob, Ben Briggs (from OCRemix), and tanner4105 (aka. “T-Byte”).

Tickets are $15 pre-reg or $20 at the door.  You can also pick up tickets at Nerdapalooza.


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More from Nerdapalooza

A few more Nerdapalooza acts and other news have come to light.  Check them out.

Added as Headliners is the NESkimos who have not been at Nerdapalooza since 2006.  They are getting back together just to play this event.

New bands are video game music rockers Armcanon.  Nerdapalooza hometown hero Marc with a Creturns with a full recording of a live performance from Nerdapalooza this year. Geek Rockers Sci-Fried will have some new songs from their latest album.  Also Metriod Metal will be there too.  Sweet.

Nerdcore artist Random aka Mega Ran will be returning, from personal experience he does amazing show try to have something cool for when he free styles with the audience.  Locals MC wreckshin, Shinobi MC, and Rappy McRapperson will be collaborating as the Money Boys at the show.

Some new acts at the show, Professor Shyguy who does dance mashups of pop culture and  D&D Sluggers a duo that utilizes the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Game Boy plus rock guitar with other synth sounds.

Update on brentalfoss,  Descendants of Erdick (as the Cartridge Family) will be his backing band for the weekend.  Something to definitely to see.

2011 Nerdapalooza Live Recordings an album from last year’s show is now public.  You can get it as a digital copy for $7 and/or physical CD for $15.  Other past recordings are available too.  All recordings by EMPulse Records.

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Nerdapalloza Announces Line-up

Nerdapalooza, the largest nerd music festival, has started announcing acts for this year’s show. The show brings several different genres of nerd music together for one big party.  This year the show is August 3-5 at the The Social & The Beacham in Orlando, FL

Their headliners for this year are the electro dance /party duo Koo Koo Kanga Roo and Mega Man tribute band The Megas.  Koo Koo Kanga Roo is currently running a Kickstarter for a new albume, 30 songs about 30 animals in 30 minutes.

The show includes other video game themed bands like Descendants of Erdrick, their first time at Nerdapalooza,  Random Encounter, The OneUps, and brand new Final Fantasy rock opera troupe  Those Who Fight.

On the 8-bit side is first timer Bit Brigade, who performer video game music and a speed run of the game they are covering, they will be the pre-party headliner and performing during the weekend, so two chances to catch them.  Creator of “With Lyrics” series of videos and albums brentalfloss and chiptune mixer/guitarist Danimal Cannon. 

They have several great nerdocre hip hop likes for this year.  Nerdaplooza mainstay  Schaffer the Darklord, hacker and friend on mine Dual Core, the worlds premier comic book rapper (he also does Firefly, Harry Potter, Downtown Abbey, and not watching Doctor Who), Adam WarRock, his usual partner in rap Tribe One will be joining him on stage and doing his own performance, and the ThoughtCriminals.  Frogsuit a brand new Nerdcore group that is a made up of My Parents Favorite Music, 8-Bit Duane, and Joey Zadjino will get to show off their new stuff at the event.

Nerdaplooza will be bringing DJs for pre-party, after-party, after hour raves, and DJ’ing events during the day too.  Two that have been announced are Dj RoboRob and DJ Cutman.

Nerdaplooza will also be host to Epic Win Burlesque from New York City for some shows that are both geeky and sexy.  Not sure which turns me on more.

I am sure they are not done with bringing more bands and acts for the weekend, so keep up with them to see who else will be able to make it.  Tickets for the event are limited, so if you really want to go make sure to per-register.

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