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Adam Warrock Donation Drive

Five years ago now Eugene quit his job as a lawyer to pursue his dream of being a rapper fulltime as Adam Warrock.  It has gone pretty well for him since then.  He has toured the country, produced some albums, and released over 600 free songs on his website.  He has no agent, no manager, no booker, no financial backing; everything is done by him and his friends.  Just straight up independent music.  He has not monetized his Youtube account with ads, covered his website in ads, does any form of crowd sourcing, and only asks for donation once a year.  This is that time, till Wednesday actually.  So if you want to help out an independent artist or give a few bucks cause you like some of his work or cause you get some sweet gifts for donating, then give what you can.



All donors to the drive will receive a new mixtape, a live band album, and a Super Art Fight pin-up gallery.  The live band album was recorded at The Sidebar in Baltimore, MD earlier this year.  You can hear a few of the sample tracks from the album and mixtape on his website.

Also while the drive last all of Adam’s music on Bandcamp is all free for download, so if you do not already have all his music (wait why don’t you?) you can get it now.

400 people have already donated some amount of money.  I will be doing so tomorrow.  I just had to wait for my money to move into my PayPal account first.




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