LeetStreet Boys Music Video Announced

The otaku band LeetStreet Boys recently announced the up coming release of their latest animated music video.  The video is “Imaginary Boys” from their recent L3g3nds album.  This will be their 5th music video since the band’s first release and hit Yuri The Only One in 2008.

LeetStreet Boys strives for a sound reminiscent of anime and video game soundtracks with their own style with lyrics about otaku dating, humor, and as many anime/video game/internet references that they can make.  They have released three albums, host their own webcomic, helped with soundtracks for games, and have worked in a range of media.

The video will premiere at this year’s Otakon in Baltimore, MD on August 10th, 2013 during Otakon’s fan parody block.  The block will be showing fan submitted and created parodies, trailers, shorts, live action fan films, and fan dubs on a big screen for everyone on Saturday night.  The music video will be shown at 10pm   It will be put up on YouTube the following weekend.

LeetStreet hired quality animators for this video.  They are saying that this is the best video the band has put out yet and will take the band to “the next level.”  I am looking forward to see what makes this video so special.  I have enjoyed LeetStreet’s music in the past.  I find it both fun and easy to listen too, if with a bit of nonsensical lyrics.


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