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BRKfest 2016

BRKfest the midwest’s longest running chip music festival is back for the end of summer for its fifth year.  It will be Friday September 2nd to Sunday September 4th at the Chameleon in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Friday night starts 9pm with cooshinator, Umin, Monotony, Hypnogram, Snesei, nonfinite, and boaconstructor all doing forty minute sets till late at night.  Saturday is Bit Wish, Infodrive, KITE SPLASH, AndaruGo, Triangles, Kris Keyser, Bubblegum Octopus, and Bit Shifter starting at 8pm.  Sunday starts at 9pm and features Dsv101, Solabear, Inverse Phase, CCDM, Dollfin, and hedonismbit.  Closing Ceremonies will be at 1am with DJ Boa.

Admission is $5 for each day or $10 for the weekend.  All tickets will only be sold at the door.  The show is 21 and older only.  Food and drink will be sold on site.  There will be vendors selling Game Boy

Fans, and those wanting to be fans, of chip music will want to at least catch one day of the event to hear great music and party with fellow fans.



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RNDM Is Out and Final Tour of The Year

Random (Mega Ran) has released his latest album, RNDM, too much fanfare.  It début #2 in the Mountain time zone on Billboard’s Indy chart.

The album features “Mighty”, the ending credits to the anticipated game “Mighty No. 9.”

They say you can’t go forward without going back. So to move to the future, Mega Ran had to go back to the beginning to say thank you, then to say goodbye. Ran’s 2015 full length album channels the soul of “The Call,” the nostalgia of “Forever Famicom” and blasts into the future with new age production and concepts, while exploring the concept of finding one’s true self through deep soul-searching and experimentation.

Mega Ran calls this “the album of my life.” Hip Hop, pop, electronica and funk/soul meet at the crossroads of introspective, hilarious and heartwarming songs featuring outstanding artists such as Kool Keith, Open Mike Eagle, MURS, Joell Ortiz and more.

The album features appearances from D&D Sluggers, Doctor Awkward, Edy Blu, Elle Winston, Richie Branson, RoQy TyRaiD, Storyville, and Wordburglar.  With beats from Alex Minor, DJ Big Serg, DJ DN3, K-Murdock, Lazerbeak of Doomtree, Lost Perceptions, Michiru Yamane (composer of Castlevania series), RND1, Tunesmith, and others.

You can get the album via download, cassette, vinyl, CD/Shirt bundle, NES cartridge of the album’s instrumentals, or as the Kickstart version of the album.  You can also buy a pair of RNDM socks, only 50 pairs exist.

You can pick it up a copy of the album on iTunes, Bandcamp (with bonus lyric booklet and NES files), Google Play (with bonus track), and Underground Hip-Hop for signed CDS.


He is also on his last tour of the year before he gets married.  He is touring with DJ Organic, SkyBlew, and EyeQ.   So check to see if any of the dates are near you.

tour flyer MAIN


10/4 ATLANTA at Joystick Gamebar, 3pm to 10pm
10/7 RICHMOND VA (private event, contact Random for info)

After the tour Random is getting married and in lieu of gifts he is asking for donations to the honeymoon fund.

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ReplayFX is an arcade and gaming festival at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from Thursday July 20th to Sunday August 2nd .  There will be 700 arcade and pinball machines on free play, over 2,000 retro console games, tabletop games, showcase by game developers, seminars, magicians, live music, balloon artists, face-painters, and competitions for over $110,000  in prize money.

They have plans for eight musical performances.  On Thursday there will be performances by Triforce Quartet a traditional string quartet that plays video game music and Universal Beat Union an electronic-rock fusion band that makes music for galactic space-time travelers.  Friday Scott Blasey the lead singer of The Clarks will be playing an acoustic set, Flashback an 80’s cover band, and The OneUps a musical collective who play their own intricate and eclectic approach to video game music. Saturday will see a performances by Super Smash Opera a live musical comedy based on the Super Smash Bros series, Inverse Phase a video game composer and chiptune musician, and Dancing Queen a dance band.

Inverse Phase is also doing a seminar on Friday called Chiptune/8-bit music: What is it? How is it Written.  You will learn how to write your own chiptune music.

The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra will be performing an evening of Final Fantasy music at the nearby Heinz Hall on Saturday night.

Regular event passes for the weekend are $94.99.  Single days and kids under 12 are cheaper.  VIP passes start at $150.  A bit much, but they have all kinds of crazy things to do the there besides all the games and music.

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Patreon Campaign by Inverse Phase

Patreon is a new kind of crowd source site.  Instead of just giving money for one project, you pledge to give an amount (your choice)  for each release of a creator.  When they make a release, like a new song, music video, EP, or album; you make the same pledge.  Your pledge is the same for any release.

Chip Music creator and panelist Inverse Phase is the first performer I know to use this and he has listed some cool rewards for higher pledges.  When he releases some that costs money you will get a code for a free download.  Free releases like video and some songs will just go straight to funding quality material.

Inverse expects no more than one release per month, so you know how much you will be spending over the year.  Patreon does let you set a monthly budget and you can change or cancel your pledges at any time.

Pledges start at $1 per release.  At the $4 level you get to be part of Skype chat per release, $8 gets you a one-on-one chat, higher levels gets you a sticker pack, handwritten thank you letter, Twitter mentions, one weird non-alcoholic beverage per release shipped to you, get your own music on Inverse’s releases, get credited as a patron on bandcamp, get on stage during a performance or a shout out during a show.

Goals for this project are to create a visual contraption to improve live show quality and even build his own instruments.  He has already made his album/EP The Midnight Chiptunes available for free.

One of the projects he is working is a soundtrack to the game Treachery in Beatdown City for PS Vita.  Also he is working on free music for Christmas.  Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ pages for an update on Christmas day.

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MAGFest Partners With Baltimore’s Summer Video Game Music Festival

MAGFest has teamed up with Baltimore’s BitGen Gamer Fest to put on BitGen’s 8th annual summer show.  The two have combined, so BitGen is officially a MAGFest event now.

Bit Gen Gamer Fest 8 hosted by brentalfloss

BitGen Gamer Fest 8 is August 10th, 2013 at Rams Head Live, Baltimore’s biggest rock venue. With 11 bands, dozens of arcades and consoles to play all on free play, and even artists selling nerd themed creations, BitGen Gamer Fest is packed to the gills with geeky goodness. Internet comedian and lyricists brentalfloss will MC the evening’s events.

The headlining acts for the night are VGM metal band Powerglove, nerdcore rapper Mega Ran, and Mega Man cover rock band The Megas.  Three of the best video game music acts out there.

In addition to the headliners are synth rock band Rare Candy, Mega Man X metal band X-Hunters, acoustic guitar duet Super Guitar Bros, Final Fantasy themed rock opera Those Who Fight, chiptune rockers Cheap Dinosaurs, thrash metal Knight of the Round,  Overclocked Remix’s official band OverClocked University, and VGM rock band Random Battles.  If you like video game music, you will be able to find something here to your tastes.

Get your tickets for BitGen Gamer Fest in advance and save money off the at-the-door price, $20 pre-reg and $25 at door.  And if you can not make it out to the event,  you will be able to watch the entire concert streamed live on MAGFest’s twitch.tv channel.  Doors open at 3pm eastern, and the show starts at 4pm.

Another great video game music event for fans.  With it becoming part of MAGFest, I feel this will either open up the event even more and help it grow in new ways or the whole thing will just become MAGFest lite with them just doing the same kind of things they always do.  We will just have to see what will happen in the future.  As a suggestion maybe some chip music to the line up.

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Top 10 Star Trek Music List to Energize To

Now while Star Wars is a more popular and well known sci-fi series, I feel Star Trek is the more nerdy series.  There are fewer fan songs and such, but the ones there are seem to by true blue fans.  So here are ten songs and bands to check out for all the Trekkies out there.

1. Five Year Mission a five piece rock band with the mission to write a song for each episode of the original Star Trek series.  Plenty of rock tracks full of both great melodies and Trekkie references.

2. Luke Ski gives us What’s Up Spock which goes over the various shows of the series and members of the crew.

3. il Troubadore is a Klingon music project to perform the music of the Klingon Empire for Terran audiences.  Also they wrote a Klingon ballet.

4. Sci-Fried brings us My Name is SpockDon’t Phase Me Bro, and The Away-Team with their usually comedy rock style and geeky lyrics.

5. German Klingon Klenginem gives us Klingon versions of songs various famous songs.

6. Redshirts a song by H2Awesome shares  with us the thoughts of a red shirt on the Enterprise and what the fates of some his fellow red shirts were.

7. Warp 11 a sci-fi rock band in Starfleet uniforms.  Plus lots of sexy time fun.

8. For the filk fans we have this lovely old list of Star Trek filks from the fans.  

9. More Klingons with heavy metal Klingon by Stovokor.

10. I do not know what to think of this one, but if you ever wanted to hear a Sulu impersonator doing short spoken covers of songs they you need to check out Phaser Rock.

Honorable Mention: The original Star Trek theme done 8-bit for a little bit of chiptune on here.

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I Fight Dragons and Phantom Breaker Team Up for Music Video

I Fight Dragons (IFD) is a nintendocore video game with 8-bit inspirations formed in 2008.  Brian Mazzaferri and Bill Prokopow while working on a demo had the idea to try and sound like music from an old NES.  That song was “Heads Up, Hearts Down” and start them on a four years of national tours, two EPs and one full albums, hundreds of shows, and more.  Their 2nd full length albums Project Atma is a Chiptune Rock Opera is set to be released soon.

Mages is video game developer, having worked on such games as Steins;GateChaos;HEAd, and several other visual novel games in Japan.  Their first game in North America is Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds, on XBox Live Arcade, a spin-off to the 2D fighting game Phantom Breaker. “Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds” is a cooperative, side-scrolling beat’em up that hearkens back to the days of the 8-Bit era, but using modern game development techniques.

The two have joined for a special music video project.  Taking IFD’s song “Move” from their recent album DEMOlitions with custom sprites of the band mashed-up with in-game footage from Mages’ Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds to create this project.  Watch the video here.

The collaboration came about when Gail Salamanca, US PR Manager of Mages and fan of the band, wanted to combine IFD’s chiptune inspired rock with Phantom Breakers 8bit retro look into something for fans of both the band and game.  Brian Mazzaferri of I Fight Dragons has stated that the outcome of “four badass anime heroines going on a beat-em-up rampage pixelized versions of IFD to cheer them on” is pretty much his ideal vision for a music video to Move.  The video was produced by Strangely Compelling, directed by Salamanca, and the IFD sprites were created by Oleg Tikounov.

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