LeetStreet Boys Will Be Going On Hiatus

LeetStreet Boys is an otaku themed band that gained fans with their music and animated videos.  The “band” consists of singer, songwriter, and face of the band Matt with Frogs the producer, guitarist, and bassist.  They use the idea of a fictious version of their band in their videos, merch, and webcomic, but really they are the two who make all the music.  They first came to fame with  Yuri The Only One in 2008 and have released three albums and plenty more music videos.

Last week Matt made an announcement concerning the band’s future.  They are going to end the band after releasing one more song.

He cites the difficulties in booking at conventions even with their strong fan base.  He has mentioned in the past cons not realizing the difficulty in reproducing the music of the band live when booking.  They have not been able to play live in over a year.  Resulting in a lack of chances to mingle with fans and lost chances to sell their merchandize.

Matt has decided to focus on his career as a music composer and producer.  He has produced music for a number of games, commercials, and other projects.  You can find more info on his work at his website.

You will still be able to buy their CDs, posters, buttons, and games they worked on at their site.  At least till they run out.

If you would like to send your thoughts, comments, or questions to the band, contact them on their website or Facebook page and they will do their best to get back to you.

This looks like more of a temporary situation, well that is probably what they want it to be.  They will hopefully be back with more music in the future.  They just need a little down time.



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