FuMP Subscription Drive

The Funny Music Project’s January Subscriber Drive is back. When you make a monthly recurring subscription during January you will receive a free month plus a free FuMP branded USB drive with all their music released in 2013.  You have to maintain your subscription for three months and then you get April free.

A Level 1 subscription ($4.00 a month) to the FuMP gets you higher quality downloads than usual, digital compilation album downloads, access to their high quality RSS feeds, no ads on the website, and a 20% discount on FuMP compilation CD purchases.  A Level 2 subscription ($9.99 a month) gets you the same as Level 1 but you also get the latest compilation CDs sent to you automatically.

The six and twelve month non-recurring subscriptions have also been reduced in price to account for getting a free month.  Six month Level 1 subscription  drops from $35.94 to $29.95 and the twelve month from 459.88 to $54.89.  Level 2 subscriptions are now six month for $62.45 and twelve months for $109.89.

The USB drive for this year is a red swivel drive containing the FuMP collection albums 37 through 42 in high quality MP3 with bonus materials.  You will also get a digital copy of the Christmas With The FuMP on the drive.

Existing subscribers can order the USB drive for $14.99 from the FuMP store till the end of January.  They will only make as many USBs as they need at the end of the month, so if you want one get it now since it will not be available later.

The offer is only available till the end of January this year.  So if you do not already have a subscription to the FuMP yet this is the time to do it.  Best way to get some of the best comedy music out there.


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