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Mega Ran Goes For Extra Credit

Mega-Ran, a.k.a. Random, has had quite a year.  Touring across the country, hosting his wrestling podcast “Mat Mania”, appearing on an episode of Smackdown.  In all that he has found time to release a new album “Extra Credit.”  It features producers DIBIA$E, Charlie Mumbles, K-Murdock, and other.  Guest vocals from J-Live, Sammus, Ceschi, and others.  The album includes new tracks and a few new arrangement of older ones.

While this album keeps the storytelling and craftmanship Mega Ran is known for, I feel it lacks some of his nerd edge.  The songs are good deal more with more mainstream topics.  It feels to me a lot more laid back as a result with tracks challenging our views of social media, aging in Hip-Hop, the music business, education and much more.  He does manage some nerdier tracks such as Mockingbird based on Harper Lee’s novel.

As for my favorites, the chorus to Bliss of Solitude featuring Homeboy Sandman is my new theme music.  Defenders with Thaahum, Mr. Miranda, and M.P.R.E.S.S.  is my favorite overall track on the album, with each rapper posing as one of the members of the Defenders.  About the Netflix series Defenders it just has this great beat and each of people on the track do a great job.  It was also the last song Thaahum did before he passed away.  You can help his family out with funeral costs if you wish.

You can buy the digital album for $7 or a physical one for $10.  The physical album will come signed for a limited time.

If you like Mega Ran or mellow jams, give this one a look.

He has also put out a pay what you want album about Stranger Things called Strangers.  If I had actually watched this show before I could give a better review of it, but here it is for you fans.


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