Marian Call: Concerts, New album, & David Bowie

Marian Call is in Austin Texas working on her new studio album.  She will be doing some special shows to test out the new music and get some feed back from fans.  So if you are in Austin or Dallas you can be some of the first to hear some new music, unless you are already a member of her Donors’ Circle.

She will also be at a few conventions this summer.  The dates and tickets can be found on her website or Facebook.

  • Austin, TX // 06.12.15 // Blackerby Violin Concert Hall, FULL BAND SHOW, 7:30pm – tickets!!!
  • Dallas, TX  // 06.14.15 // Poor David’s Pub, FULL BAND SHOW, 7:30pm
  • Indianapolis, IN // 07.03.15-07.05.15  // InConjunction!
  • Los Angeles, CA // 07.08.15 // SPACE TIME, a showcase of music & storytelling with special guests!  Like Nicole Dieker, Josh A. Cagan, Mars scientists Dr. Kimberly, Scott Maxwell  Room 5, 7pm, tickets available soon here
  • San Diego, CA // 07.09.15-07.12.15 //  San Diego Comic-Con. Marian will be sharing Booth 1137 with Alaska Robotics.
  • San Diego, CA // 07.10.15 // SPACE TIME With guests Molly Lewis, Josh Cagan, and Nicole Dieker, 98 Bottles (in Little Italy on the metro line), 7pm, tickets
  • Seattle, WA // 07.28.15 // Jewelbox Theater, 7pm, tickets
  • Snowbird Resort, UT // 07.31.15-08.02.15 // Nerdtacular!

And coming up just a little down the road:

  • Anchorage and Fairbanks, AK // September — exact dates & cities TBA, but if you want a house concert or a party or a show near you, get in touch!  I’ll be up with Seth Boyer!
  • East Coast US and TX // October — from Atlanta to Boston along the coast, and maybe a little more in between. Get in touch to schedule something fun!

Marian, Molly Lewis, and Seth Boyer have done a re-write and music video of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” using only the 1,000 most common words in the English Language.  You can even find it on David Bowie’s website.  The end audio clip is of Sally Ride.


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