Press Release: Quantum Electro Flavor Dynamics

SIR KN8 makes poetically adventurous hip-hop. His music exhibits deft and deep lyricism, thematizing subjects uncommon to rap lexicon, which draw on his intellectual commitments in philosophy, history and science, and his Clark-Kent-alter-ego as an adjunct lecturer at schools in NYC. He very literally manifests KRS-One’s declaration “I am teacher, and others are kings,” and approaches this neglected dimension of emceeing with both sincerity and humor. In his recent stint in NYC he’s shared stages with the likes of Hemlock Ernst (Samuel Herring of Future Islands) and Michael Busse (formerly of Chronic Future.)

Last year his video “Makin’ Bread”, a recipe rap for a rustic Italian loaf, was an official selection at the Silver Sound Music Video Film Festival and Band Battle, and received the distinction “Most Instructional.”

Pretext Social Club describes Sir Kn8’s style as “delving into the fundamental essence of life-like a poetic form of Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History Of Time…For all who choose to actively listen and discern his casually spun, bopping words, the lyrics toss you down a paradoxical rabbit hole…”

American Pancake says “Sir Kn8 is a gentleman of the Universe’s court…he is a prolific speaker inciting the youth to learn things they usually would not give a fuck about if it were not for his blessed delivery and inspiring ability to wrap words together like a balloon animal.”

Dingus calls Sir Kn8’s music as “catchy, mind expanding tunes…You can’t stop smiling from all their good energy.”

1.21 Gigiwatts describes it as a mixture of “tasty beats, fresh funk, wonky sounds, smells, cactus trees, pitch bends, pre-socratic philosophy, space aesthetically and cosmically…songs which are both surreal and relatable.”

His work includes a song about the principles of formal logic, via an enumeration of all the things one can say or think about an avocado.   It is from the full-length album Quantum Electro Flavor Dynamics, which is about the philosophical implications of quantum physics.


Show and Smell recordings collective


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