TekForce Releases His First Single from His Album Tek Support!

Tek Support is the brainchild of TekForce, and is the amalgamation of his love for Hip Hop, Anime, and Video Games. Each song is considered a part of the overall story of him, some fantasy, some reality, ALL show who he is. As a lover of hip hop, he was influenced by seminal Hip Hop groups like, A Tribe Called Quest, Gangstarr, and the Wu-Tang Clan. Growing up and such a definitive time for music, it helped shape and define who was as a person. Coupled with the aforementioned groups, he also developed a love of anime, old school systems like the NES, SNES, and of course the Genesis!

The New Game + Remix, tells a bit of the story of how TekForce was as a kid. He may not have had a lot of friends, but games like Final Fantasy showed him how to keep moving, and things will work out! He’s joined by the Forever Famicom team of (Mega Ran & K-Murdock), to help him expand on the original song, and take it to new heights.

New Game + Remix Link 

TekForce Electronic Press Kit 

For contact information regarding interviews, reviews, or radio play, please email Lightcycleent@gmail.com. For links to both free and paid music, please visit www.teknicaltruth.com



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