Musician Dances With Stormtroopers, Knights & Superheroes in Music Video

November 5TH, 2014 (Sydney, Australia) –  Geek pop singer-songwriter Meri Amber, who has been described as a ‘comic book Taylor Swift’ (OpJam), has recently toured comic conventions and pop culture expos around Australia promoting her Super EP CD on her Super Tour. She collected footage featuring cosplayers and guests from these events dancing and singing along to her song ‘Kudos’ and has just released the music video for ‘Kudos’ with this footage.

The events featured in the video include Book Expo Australia, Canberra Zine Fair, Oz Comic-Con Brisbane, Oz Comic-Con Sydney, Amber’s private Super EP launch party in Moo Burger and Armageddon. The video starts by explaining that the ‘Kudos’ video is a homage to all the people that made the events go off and watching the video gives a colourful insight into the bright world of geek culture in Australia.

Kudos has been described as ‘a tribute to the truism that there’s more to life than just success’ (Pop Mythology) and as an ‘accomplished look at the insecurities many of us face in life and the support we receive from our friends’ (The Unheard Nerd). The song emphasizes how small actions of friendship like ‘random Snapchats’ and ‘teaching [a friend] foosball’ can be enough to pull them out of an unhappy slump.

The video can be viewed and embedded at:

Meri Amber’s official website can be found at:

Meri Amber’s full bio is available at:


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