Mega Ran Japan Bound

Mega Ran (aka Random) is going to Japan again this week for some shows and to finish up a documentary and some collaborations he began on his last trip.

Instead of running another Kickstarter or other crowd source campaign Ran went to small business owners for sponsorships.  He was successful and got help from several of them.  He biggest being t-shirt creator The Yetee.  Other sponsors are: Bitmap’d, 8BitX, My So Called 8 Bit LifeLa Vie En Photos, and Geekly Podcast.

This still does not cover all the expenses for the trip and tour though.  So with the help of Phill Harmonix, they created a new album, The Returners EP, with all proceeds from it going to the tour.  You can get a physical CD for $10 (plus $3 shipping) or a digital album at “Name Your Price” til Wednesday.  The suggest donation for the digital album is $7, but feel free to give as much as you want, or less.  The CDs comes with a bonus track and instrumentals.

Plus they are accepting any donations you might want to send their way through Fundrazr.

Information on the tour can be found on Mega Ran Japan.



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