Press Release: Maid Cafe NY to Host Promotional Fundraiser for “Santa Company” Film

Maid Cafe NY will hold a promotional fundraiser event supporting upcoming Christmas themed Japanese animation film “Santa Company” on December 22nd, 2013 from 3pm – 4pm at 150 Centre Street, Downtown, NY. Free to attend and open to the public, “Santa Company” will be introduced through multimedia interviews with cast and production members discussing the production based in Japan.

Free “Santa Company” swag will be available to attendees, as well as autographed illustrations and posters from the film for supporters who donate money toward the “Santa Company” Kickstarter campaign. The event culminates with a world-premiere casting announcement about famous voice actors signing onto the project to perform principle roles.

About the Film, “Santa Company”
Noel is a girl who has just joined the mysterious Company. Santa Company is an international corporation that consists of three departments: Santa Dept., Reindeer Dept. and Gift department. And only once a year, these three departments work together and use their expertise to safely deliver Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve!

It’s told with a touch of romance and action. It also shows how ordinary people with no particular special powers systematize the job of Santa Clauses to make it fitted in the real world, relationships between workers, and this Christmas gifts delivery business’s power of influence and economic effects.

Animator and director Kenji Itoso (who worked with Hayao Miyazaki and Satoshi Kon) has currently raised more than half of $50,000 to finance “Santa Company” through Kickstarter. Funding will be used to create the film as well as produce English and French subtitles.

About Maid Cafe NY
Located at 150 Centre Street in Manhattan, Maid Cafe NY is a theme café, offering unique Japanese food, sweets, drink and merchandise served by professionally trained servers dressed in cute maid outfits in a fashionable Japanese pop setting. Food and sweets include Japanese curry, Rice Ball, various Matcha Green Tea sweets, and Japanese style parfait and crepes. Maid Cafe also offers occasional live music entertainment.


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