Nerdapalooza Says Good Bye

This year’s Nerdapalooza was great in all regards, getting the highest attendance ever of 1,234.  Unfortunately the promoters were expecting about three times that amount.  They need that much to cover their costs.  They were betting on their headliners to bring in a lot more people, which they were not able to do.  This has left the Nerdapalooza LLC with a big debt and forcing them to file for bankruptcy.  They will also be dissolving and ending the concert series.  This will end the six-year journey of Nerdapalooza.

This also means plans for Nerdapalooza have been canceled.

To help pay off the debt and final expenditures they are having a “fire sale.”  You can get the last of their merchandise at super low prices, just a few things left now.  All of their digital albums are set to pay what you want on Bandcamp.  Last chance to get them before the are gone forever.

They put some  items up on eBay and might end up putting more there as well.  If you know of anything they might have you want e-mail them at

Now we just wait and see if these guys move on to do anything else.  I figure conventions in the area might want to talk to them about helping with music line ups, artists, video game developers, and more.  Also should stand as a lesson to other event runners, do not over-estimate your attendance.  Do not put yourself in a position where you need three times your highest attendance ever to cover costs.

I also see this is a chance for someone else to create a new nerd concert event that covers several genres and is the biggest around.  Or maybe we will all just go to MAGFest.

Though now all we can do is mourn its lost, remember any memories you have of it, and help support nerdy music around you and on tour.




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