The Candy Spooky Theater, GPK, and DJ SiSeN North American Tour

Nexus Productions, Neon Promotions, and Tainted Reality are producing Pandemonium Tour Vol.1.  A tour of J-Rock music that aims to offer fan a more dance club experience, with a Halloween theme, rather than just a concert experience.  Attendees are encouraged to wear their Halloween costume since they will be having an open costume contests.  The winner will get a Pandemonium Tour prize package.

Headliners for the tour are EDM solo artist GPK (formerly of GPKism), Tokyo dark underground DJ SiSeN, and The Candy Spooky Theater, celebrating their 10th anniversary.  Other performers who will appear include DJ Mighty Mike Saga, Ignite Violet, and DJ Super Sonic. Music at the events will be a mix of EDM, Industrial, Electro, EBM, Chiptunes, Dubstep, and House.

The tour kicks off on September 27th in Bellingham, Washington with just Candy Spooky Theater and again on October 5th.  SiSeN and GPK performan on October 2nd and 4th in the same town.  On October 6th they will be in San Jose , CA with special guests Kairu and Belle Mortelle;  on October 11th in Los Angeles, CA with SiSeN only; October 12th in Glendale, CA; October 13th in San Antonio, TX; October 18th in Philadelphia, PA with DJ Zircon and Roger Shackelford; October 19th in Baltimore, MD with DJ Mighty Mike Saga and DJ Supersonic; and finally October 20th in New York City with Mighty Mike and Ignite Violet.

Ticket prices and times vary from place to place.  Also most are 21+ only.  During the tour Tainted Reality will be running a telethon on October 17th online.

Fans of anime convention raves will want to try and find a stop along the tour to hit up.  Other fans of electronic music as well.

Candy Spooky Theater contains elements of deathrock, children’s nursery rhymes, and bizaree styling with elaborate staged events.

DJ Sisen specializes in industrial and rhythmic noise.  He models for Takuya Angel and Kikirara Shoten as well.

GPK is a J-goth artist and DJ who works in industrial/EBM-electro driven.  This will be his first performances in the US as a solo artist.


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