Nerdcore Comic Book Store Tour

Recently comic nerdcore rapper Adam Warrock has been asking his fans on Twitter and Facebook if they know any good comic shops that would be willing to have a show in their store.  The reason is he is working on a national comic store tour.

Tour will be in four segments during 2014.  Those being: Middle US, the East Coast, the West Coast, and the South/Southeast.  The booking for the Middle US segment is going on now for December, so if you know a comic store owner/manager/employee let them know you have a great event for their store.  No store or town is too small, just needs good people and community.  Though I might know a store that is too small.

The tour is not only to reach comic fans directly, but to bring to bring focus to local comic stores and communities and to offer an alternative for fans who are not big on going to bars and such for what ever reason.  It is he’s way of giving back to stores and communities that have meant so much to him.  To quote him:
Stores mean a lot to me, and I love being able to see the communities around them, talk about what comics are selling. Seeing good done in communities built from love of comics.
And to all the store owners who care, and the communities who make their LCS still a vibrant, wonderful place to hang out and meet friends, thank you for everything. My best friends come from the Memphis LCS community, and Comics & Collectibles is a place I go to every week and lose hours in just hanging out and talking to strangers.

There is also a good chance he will be taking some friends along on the tour, which just makes it even better.  Stay tuned for more news as it develops.



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