First Maid Cafe in NY Hosts Grand Opening

This Sunday August 18th the first Maid Cafe in New York City, or on the east coast of the USA, finally opens after months a preparation.  To celebrate they are having a big party from 11am to 3:30 with various Jpop performances at their sister restaurant downstairs, Mika Japanese Cuisine & Bar.

Headliner for the event is Reni Mimura.  A Japanese idol from Japan who came to America to spread her own brand of moe pop, without even knowing any English when she came over.  Since then she has met many people who have helped her and made many fans from her monthly shows in NYC and attending conventions.  Songs ranging from sugary sweet to really weird to cabaret music.

Other guests to perform will be the Maids of Maid Cafe NY, fellow Jpop singers Hitomo Hime and  Moe Moe Honey, stand up comedian of all things nerdy Uncle Yo, and Kpop mashuper DJ MASA.  Expect plenty of dancing.  They will be holding a cosplay contest as well.

It is only $5 to get in, but lunch not included.  They will have $5 sushi rolls, curry, and fried noodles.  Fans of Japanese pop culture and music will not want to miss this fun event.

Maid Cafe NY is a theme café, hoping to interest by offering Japanese food, drink and merchandise served by servers dressed in maid outfits in a Japanese pop setting. Food and drink include Japanese curry, various Green Tea sweets, frozen yogurt and Japanese style parfait and crepe. Will also offer occasional live music entertainment.

What is a Maid Café?
Maid cafés are restaurants serving traditional Japanese food and desserts, with a staff of primarily young, cute waitresses and entertainers. In these cafés, waitresses dressed in maid costumes. The first Maid café was established in Tokyo, Japan in 2001 but maid cafés are becoming increasingly popular. They have since expanded overseas. Maid cafés were originally designed primarily to cater to the fantasies of male “otaku,” obsessive fans of anime, manga and video games. However today the maid café phenomenon also attracts couples and female tourists.


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