MAGFest Partners With Baltimore’s Summer Video Game Music Festival

MAGFest has teamed up with Baltimore’s BitGen Gamer Fest to put on BitGen’s 8th annual summer show.  The two have combined, so BitGen is officially a MAGFest event now.

Bit Gen Gamer Fest 8 hosted by brentalfloss

BitGen Gamer Fest 8 is August 10th, 2013 at Rams Head Live, Baltimore’s biggest rock venue. With 11 bands, dozens of arcades and consoles to play all on free play, and even artists selling nerd themed creations, BitGen Gamer Fest is packed to the gills with geeky goodness. Internet comedian and lyricists brentalfloss will MC the evening’s events.

The headlining acts for the night are VGM metal band Powerglove, nerdcore rapper Mega Ran, and Mega Man cover rock band The Megas.  Three of the best video game music acts out there.

In addition to the headliners are synth rock band Rare Candy, Mega Man X metal band X-Hunters, acoustic guitar duet Super Guitar Bros, Final Fantasy themed rock opera Those Who Fight, chiptune rockers Cheap Dinosaurs, thrash metal Knight of the Round,  Overclocked Remix’s official band OverClocked University, and VGM rock band Random Battles.  If you like video game music, you will be able to find something here to your tastes.

Get your tickets for BitGen Gamer Fest in advance and save money off the at-the-door price, $20 pre-reg and $25 at door.  And if you can not make it out to the event,  you will be able to watch the entire concert streamed live on MAGFest’s channel.  Doors open at 3pm eastern, and the show starts at 4pm.

Another great video game music event for fans.  With it becoming part of MAGFest, I feel this will either open up the event even more and help it grow in new ways or the whole thing will just become MAGFest lite with them just doing the same kind of things they always do.  We will just have to see what will happen in the future.  As a suggestion maybe some chip music to the line up.


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