Latest News From Mega Ran and Adam Warrock

Mega Ran has a new album out, this time it is based on his second favorite video game (after Final Fantasy VII), Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.  Ran has previously used the skits from the game on early demo albums.  Now the story is retold as a hip hop opera, Castlevania: The Nocturnal Cantata.  Ran plays as Alucard.

Castlevania: The Nocturnal Cantata cover art

The original game’s art and score were composed by female artists, so to help craft this album, and play the role of Maria Renard, he got Sammus to join him.  She helped produce, remix, and perform on the album.  Playing the role of Richter Belmont is The Ranger, an affiliate from the Nerdy Rotten Scoundrel community.  Dr. Awkward makes an appearance in the Overture too.  Art for the album was done by Chris Flocco and special art for the CD version was done by Cody Baier.

Album is a great mix of different beats and showcases why Mega Ran is one of the top nerdcore artists out there.  Let’s you see his many sides and if you have not heard of Sammus or The Ranger before this is a good introduction.  Great new addition for Mega Ran fans to get or new fans to start with.

You can buy a digital album for $7.  The physical album was limited to only 100 and sold out in only a day and a half.  So that’s sad.  Though for free you can get a copy of the instrumentals.  Which is still nice.


Once a year Adam Warrock holds a donation drive to raise money.  Warrock gives out a lot of free music over the year, does music full time, does not use a donate button on his site, or use any crowdsourcing.  Everything comes out of his pocket, so once a year he asks for a little help and donors get some rewards.


This year’s drive will be June 24 – July 3.  Donors this year we get several things.  An exclusive mixtape album with cover art by Rob Guillory, video of a live storyteller concert feature TribeOne, live storyteller concert album, and free digital comics from several different publishers and creators.  There will also be two new music videos of unreleased songs.

A preview of the drive can be viewed here with more information.

Also this past week Adam has been dropping exclusive tracks on different sites.  On Monday at WIRED a Game of Thrones track called “The Rains of Castamere” with a review article on the latest episode.  Wednesday at The Mary Sue he has “X-Women” about the new X-Men comic featuring an all female team.  A video game based song on a video game site goes up today.


Richie Branson has charted on Billboard/Soundcan’s Top 100 Rap Albums chart with his Chrono Trigger album “From Guardia With Love.”  You can pick up a copy from Bandcamp or iTunes.  All proceeds of the album will be donated to the Children’s Miracle Network.  Is also has a nice beat flowing through it.

His place on the charts breaks down like this:

#4 First week release on the Billboard Rap Chart
#69 Overall Billboard Rap Chart
#6 First week release on the Billboard R&B Chart
#106 Overall Billboard R&B Chart
#140 Overall Billboard New Artist Chart


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