BRKfest 2013 is Coming

The chiptune music festival BRKfest is back for a second year.  Three days of food, drinking, friends, and chip music.  August 2nd-4th at Al’s Bar (601 N Limestone St) in Lexington, KY.  Friday August 2 at 12:00PM to Sunday August 4 at 4:30PM.Cover Photo

They have a big line up of chip artists.  From Game Boy DJs to trackers to old consoles and from moshing music to dance music.  Returning from last year AndaruGOHunterQuinn,  Awesome ForceSPRYRoboctopusSp00ked, and Solarbear.  New musicians BSK, Trey Frey, an0va, Mr. Wimmerboaconstructor,  ProtoflightShanebroParallelis,  blog fave Inverse Phase, Starpilot, SoftRESET,  MonsterVision,  Auxcide, Ricky Brugal+LET’S DISINFECT!+Rainbowdragoneyes,  Snesei, Galaxy Wolf,  Chillbrave, and SKGB.

Tickets will be on sell Monday May 27th.  There will be only 200 available for $50 for all weekend.  If there are still any left over they will sell one day passes at the door for $20.  Show if for people 18 and older.

If you like chip music and have the money, I would suggest checking out the show.


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