A_Rival and Inverse Phase on Tour

Chip Hop rapper A_Rival’s new album TRUTHCANNON is being released on May 21 and he is going on tour with some friends.

The album is more love letter to videogame music than his previous chip-infused nerdcore work.  With nearly all of it being original work.  Check out a preview.

The mini tour starts this Saturday at 8 Static where he will be debuting tracks off the album.  He will be joined by Inverse Phase, Saint, Watabou, and Radionarcotix on visuals.  Inverse Phase will also be doing a workshop on chip music and its different sounds.  Show starts at 7pm.  Admission is $7-$10.  After party at the The Institute Bar with A_Rival DJing.  

On Monday (5/13) at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore A_Rival, Inverse Phase, and Compycore, with visuals by Pixelseed, will be playing.  Tickets are $8, doors open at 7 PM.

Finally on Tuesday (5/14) the tour comes to Gallery 5 in Richmond.  A_Rival and Inverse Phase are joined this time by Cuttlefish and DataCats on visuals.  Doors open at 6 PM, show starts at 8 PM, tickets $8.  There will be gaming set-ups sponsored by Play N Trade Carytown and cupcakes.

Inverse will also be playing and doing panels at Animazement May 24-26 in Raleigh, NC.

A_Rival is also helping a Kickstarter project for the Ultimate Chiptune Weekend in Seattle.  A 3 day festival of various forms of chip music with several names already saying they will be there.  They need $6,200 but only have $1,475 so far with 7 days to go.  So if you can spare a few bucks and get your ticket to the event or at least an album to download from the event.  Acts signed include Trey Frey, SmiletronHenry Homesweet, Radlib aka OxygenStar, Electric Children and more.


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