Top 10 Final Fantasy Bands and Albums to Ride Chocobos To

Final Fantasy (FF) is one of the world’s most popular video game series.  It revolutionized video game RPGs for all time.  The series has also known for its great music, which has inspired a number of artists to either cover in their own way, remix, or create original songs inspired by this series.  So let us look at a list of ten music acts and albums inspired from this series.

1. I have to start off with Mega Ran’s Black Materia series of albums.  First there was Black Materia which was a FF7 concept album sampling from the soundtrack.  Then Black Materia: The Remixes which remixed several tracks and added some new ones.  The there was White Materia, a mashup albums of Black Materia and various popular mainstream rap songs.  I also have the instrumental album of this and the pre-order album with early mixes of some of the songs so I own this album five times over (and one song like six).  Make of that what you may.

2. Those Who Fight have create their own Final Fantasy inspired rock opera.  It is about a crusade against the tyranny of General Bizan of the Empire of Malacia.  A misfit group out to stop the corruption that seeps into this dying world.  They are the Resistance, and they are those who fight.

3. K-Murdock’s , of Neosonic Productions, favorite FF game is FF6, so he created an instrumental album featuring remixes from it called Hero Muzik.  The first in a series of albums of Murdock’s favorite RPGs.  The album pays tribute to the games, the music, and its composer Nobuo Uematsu.

4. The Square Soft/Enix VGM folk band The World is Square is a five piece tribute band to the classic years of Square Soft/Enix games using traditional, unconventional, and modern instruments.

5. Erutan (Kate Covington/katethegreat19) is a singer/songwriter who worked out her own arrangements of the music from FF.  Performing and arranging by here self, she writes her own lyrics to songs that lack them.  You can check out her songs on her page.  Her second album, A Bard’s Side Quest features most of her FF covers and other songs from different video games.  An iTunes exclusive and was arranged with Joypad Records to remaster her arrangements and to work on licensing deals with the companies that owned the tracks.

6. Random Encounter started out as a video game cover band but has reached out to create their own video game inspired music.  Their first album has several Final Fantasy cover songs which combine acoustic instruments, synth, accordion, and electric guitar.

7. OverClock ReMix created an album of fan arrangements from FF7 called Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream.  It is a mix genres going from jazz to techno to rock to classical and more.  There is over forty-five tracks from forty artists each doing their own style.  You can get the album for free by either torrenting the whole thing or getting it track by track.

8. Knight of the Round is a thrash metal band that plays music from the FF series in their own style.  Starting out as a one man act it has grown into a metal powerhouse band.

9. Post hardcore rock band A Skylit Drive released the album Wires… and the Concept of Breathing in 2008.  Almost all of the songs are inspired by Final Fantasy in one way or another, with special attention to FFX.

10. Piano Squall, who cosplays as Squall from FFVIII, is a pianist who performs video game and anime music on piano.  His album GAME donates 20% of the money to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.   You can also get sheet music from his website for free, with an optional donation to NMSS.

Honorable Mention: Last year Square Enix released an album of the music of FFXI done as chiptune, XI Chips.  For the 25th anniversary of the series at the end of last year they also released chiptune albums of the music of FF7-FFX too.  At first they were only available in Japan, but they are going to release all five albums for purchase in both North America and Europe.  I do not see where you can buy them yet, but I want some of these.



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2 responses to “Top 10 Final Fantasy Bands and Albums to Ride Chocobos To

  1. no power metal? 😦 was deeply disappointed. Very cool selection though thanks 🙂

  2. Wonderful list and many new names for me to check out! Actually I have participated in FF remix scene myself a bit as back in the day, 2007 or so I produced an orchestral remix of the classic tune Judgment Day (FF7), but I can’t find the mp3 for the life of me. Probably have to return to the drawing board and make some fresh FF remixes with modern tools 🙂 Stay tuned for some Celestial Aeon Project madness!

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