MarsCon Results

The winners of this year’s Logan White­hurst Memo­r­ial Awards for Excel­lence in Com­edy Music announced at MarsCon earlier this month are:

Out­stand­ing Com­edy Music Video: Beauty and the BeatTodrick Hall

Out­stand­ing Orig­i­nal Com­edy Song: 29/31Gar­funkel and Oates

Out­stand­ing Par­ody Song: When You Wish Upon A Death Starthe great Luke Ski

Which means I only got one out of three right this year in my picks.

You can watch both the con­cert and cer­e­mony on Jered Perez’s YouTube account or Power Salad’s Ustream in two parts.

Also at from this year’s opening ceremonies at MarsCon, instead of doing the usual live comedy sketch Luke Ski and other FuMPers created a 20 minute Muppet Show parody video, the FuMPept Show.  The video stars some of the stars of the FuMP as puppets (voicing themselves) doing a tribute to MarsCon itself.  It contains a few bits of songs from them and plenty of nerdy humor.  I feel it is both well made and really good Muppet parody as well, feeling like it could have been written for the original show, complete with Kermit arm flail.  Features songs by Possible Oscar, Flat 29, Rob Balder, Carla Ulbrich, and Luke Ski with something new, plus appearances by Devo Spice,  Shoebox, Insane Ian, Carrie Dahlby, “Claudia Christian”, and more.

A few podcasts have done their post-con reviews and here are some of them to enjoy.

Luke and Carries Bad Rapport Episode 80: Retainer Container

The Flopcast Episode 44: Mars Con 2013, Part 1: The Flop of Destiny

The Flopcast Episode 45: Mars Con 2013, Part 2: Bad Flopport

The ScopeEpisode 138: How Does Johnny Hot Dog’s Beet Garden Grow?

Pros and Cons PodcastEpisode 25: Mars Con vs. MadiCon


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