Some More Projects on Kickstarter to Check Out

Ok another round of nerd music related Kickstarter projects to check out and maybe help fund.

From across the pond in the the UK, Pardise Decay is wanting to realse his latest album Chipotronic 8 on CD Baby and needs some help paying the CD Baby submission and bar code fees.  Chipotronic 8 contains 30 tracks composed on an Amiga computer using 8bith samples and a 4 track sequencer.

He only needs 50 pounds (I do not know what that is in dollars) and has only two donation levels.  For one pound you get 10 bonus MP3s not on the album; for five pounds you get a digital download of the album and the bonus tracks.  Funding goes till April 6th.  Get a free track for just checking out the Kickstarter page.


Josh Perschbacher, an organist, wishes to perform classical music and music from the sound track of Star Wars on an organ using the Walt Disney Concert Hal in Los Angeles and record it.  He needs $5,000 to rent the hall to rent the hall for three days to do all of it.

Music to be recorded are Tchaikovsky’s 4th symphony, Darth Vader’s Imperial March, Duel of the Fates, the end credits from Episode 3, first movement to Beethoven’s 5th symphony, Mozart’s K426 fugue in c minor, Saint-Seans Dance Macbra, and Paul Dukas’ Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

Pledges of $10 gets you an downloadable album.  $20 for a physical album.  $100 pledge lets you into the hall to watch him record.  $500 and get a producer credit on the liner notes.  Funding goes till April 12.  Check the Kickstarter page to get a taste and listen to the Imperial March on organ.  It was made to for an organ I swear.

For video game fans we have Jeremy Soule the video game composer looking to create his own symphony, Soule Symphony No. 1, “The Northerner.”  He was writtern music for The Elder Scrolls, Guild Wars, Neverwinter Nights, Forgotten Realms, Harry Potter, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Baldur’s Gate, World of Warcraft, Warhammer, and many more.  He now wishes to move into the tradition of classical music.  The symphonic work will feature live players and singers with new technologies.

He has asked for $10,000 and has gotten over $44,000 as of this writing.  Do not worry you can still join in on this till April 14th.  Since he is already over his goal he plans to work on being able to replace as many of the digital elements with live musician as he can.

Now to the donation levels: $15 to get an autographed CD of the symphony, $50 personalized autograph CD, $100 name in the special thanks part of the liner notes, $500 autographed and bound copy of the conductor’s score, and $1,000 to receive a page of the conductor’s manuscript written entirely in the composer’s hand, only available through Kickstarter.


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