Slytherin House Mixtape Review

Adam Warrock has rapped about many topics in the past, lots of comic book stuff, webcomics, Firefly, individuality, unity, not watching Doctor Who, and more.  His latest project, produced by Mikal kHill of Thought Criminals, tackles Harry Potter in the Slytherin House Mixtape.  The album uses remixes from the Harry Potter movie soundtracks with original lyrics.
The Slytherin House Mixtape
The album was delayed a few times, with hard drive crashes, laptop stolen, and being busy with other projects. Worth the wait though.   The album features Tribe One, Sulfur of the Thought Criminals, Ceschi Ramos, and Dr. Awkward.  The songs cover various topics of the Potterverse from a Slytherin perspective.  Going over topics related to the house (Parseltongue, Ambition), members of it (Malfoys, House of Black),  or just stuff about the dark arts in general (Dark Mark, The Hallows).
Now personally I am not a big Potter fan.  Just never really got into it.  I have seen a few movies and my family who have read all the books and seen all the movies have told me stuff.  There are a few things in the songs I am able to pick up on, but true fans will have an easier time getting all the meanings.

The album has eleven tracks, the first one is audio from the Goblet of Fire when Voldermort is finally resurrected.  The other ten are all music.
My personal favorite track is Parseltongue, also the longest track.  Becoming evil to become powerful through dark underground classes.  Talks about how outcasts and the beaten can seek revenge.  Well that is my interpretation of it.
Wands Out, next favorite, continues on with this theme.  More about the unity of the house and how they deal with those that mess with one of their members.
The beats of the album are melodious.  Flowing along easily with a good tempo.  Lyrics play along with the beats.  Talks about the dark side, how people come to it and what they do with it.

You can get the whole thing for free at the Slytherin Mixtape website.  Something for any Potter fan or fan of good hip-hop in general.


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  1. That cover… makes Draco look not at all charming.

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