FuMP Special With Free Stuff

The Funny Music Project (FuMP) is a collaboration of comedy musicians to release new, redone, remixed, recycled, and special songs under a Creative Commons License. Artists include Devo Spice, Worm Quartet, the great Luke Ski, Power Salad, Tom Smith, Robert Lund and Spaff, Raymond and Scum, Carrie Dahlby, Carla Ulbrich, Seamonkey, Steve Goodie, Insane Ian, Nuclear Bubble Wrap, and more.  They also have a Sideshow for any expiring comedy musician or established one who does not have the time to become a FuMP regular.

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New songs are posted to their website about every Tuesday and Friday. The latest eight are available as a free download (128k MP3) or better quality (320k MP3) for $.99.  After more new songs come on only the better quality one is available.

Every two months they put out a compilation is produced with the songs of the past two months, called Best of FuMP #whatever they are up to.  Volume 36 has just recently come out.  The Cd contains bonus material like extra songs, interviews, live performance videos, games, and other crap.  The CDs sell for $9.99 in their store or buy it as a download.

They sell subscriptions to the site, that can disable the ads on the site, access to their high quality RSS Feed, give you access to all high quality downloads (Level 1 $4.99), compilation albums sent free every two months (Level 2 $9.99), 20% discount on past Best of FuMP album CDs, free downloads of past albums, depending on how much you pay.  You can get one month recurring meaning every month you automatically renew for another month or one month non-recurring, 6 month, and 12 months which are all one time payments for their stated time period.

They are now they are offering a special deal on subscriptions this month.  If you subscribe during January you will get a one mont for free and a free USB drive.  Customers who sign up for a new recurring monthly subscription in January will get their fourth month (April) for free.  If you cancel prior than April, no refund will be given.  If you get a 6 or 12 month non-recurring subscription, one month free has already been factored into the cost.   One month nonrecurring subscriptions are not valid for this offer.  You will also get a FuMP branded USB drive with all of the music from the site for 2012, FuMP Volumes 31-36.  The drives will be sent out in February.


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