Chiptunes for BRKfest

A new music festival starts this weekend.  A chiptune festival for the Southeast and Mideast called BRKfest in Lexington, Kentucky, July 13-14.

The event was created by local game boy musician Solarbear. The whole thing will be two nights of chiptune musicians playing.  The show starts each night at 7pm till about 12:30, with each act playing a thirty minute set.  Friday it will be Al’s Bar and on Saturday at Cosmic Charlie’s. The event is listed as 18+, so keep that in mind.

The acts for the event come from the Chicago area, Cincinnati, Nashville, Atlanta, St. Louis, and more.  Smiletron, Nestrogen, Roboctopus, Shitbird, Freque, Nonfinite, Saskrotch, Kkrusty, CCDM, Compycore, Dream Fox, AndaruGO, Awesome Force, HunterQuinn, Sp00ked, SPRY, PANDAstar, Datacats, Str8Bit, and The Bitman

Tickets will be $15 per night at the door, since pre-reg has already closed.


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