Adam Warrock Donation Drive Week

Adam Warrock is one of my favorite nerdcore hip-hop artists.  Two years ago on this day he left his job as a lawyer (only rapper with a law degree) to pursue his music career full-time.  On the anniversary he holds  a donation drive during the week asking for donations and gives out cool stuff to everyone.  This is the only time during the year he does this kind of thing.  No donation buttons on the website, no Kickstarter or other fundraisers, or anything else.  Now he is not just asking for free help from people, you get stuff for your donations.  All of costs of music production, travel, and merch production come out of his own pocket, plus he still has to live and eat.  He seems to never stop (not even bank holidays) making new music, both for album release and free tracks to the whole world.  This is a way for fans to give back.  And get new cool stuff too.

All donators will receive an exclusive mixtape album with 12 new songs called Longshot (cover art by Ming Doyle); free downloads from his singles album with tracks including Starving Artist, I Believe in Harvey Dent, and seven others; an exclusive autobiographical digital comic written by Adam and drawn by Ed Piskor of American Splendor and Wizzywig fame; and a thank you sketch from Chris Haley of the webcomic Let’s Be Friends Again.

Also during this week he premiered his first music video to the world.  The song for the video is called “This Song.”  The song is off of the Longshot mixtape.  It was directed by his friend Joey Miller.  You can also catch bloopers from the making of the video.

If you want to hear a few of the other tracks from the exclusive album, Adam’s has them up all over the place. Adam gave the blog Destructoid an exclusive EP earlier this year about Mass Effect, so he gave them another track about the character Garrus called “Garrus Got My Back” to listen to.  Comics Alliance  has the title track of the album, Longshot.  His ode to Veronica Mars, one of his favorite shows, called “Mars Investigations” is up on his Youbtube account.

You can also read about 10 things Adam learned about making his first video on his guest blog on YOMYOMF. He also release a free track for everyone using Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” turned into a rap song called “Maybe (I Can Call You?)”.

The drive only lasts till this Monday, July 2, so if you want to give and get some cool stuff in return you have till then to do it.  And finally, go here to make donations.


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