Logan Awards Nominees

The Funny Music Project (FuMP) every year awards excellence in comedy music every year with their Logan White­hurst Memo­r­ial Award for Excel­lence in Com­edy Music or just Logan Awards for short.  They present awards in three categories: Out­stand­ing Orig­i­nal Com­edy Song, Out­stand­ing Par­ody Song, and Out­stand­ing Com­edy Music Video

The awards are named after Logan White­hurst.  A comedy musician whose songs were a frequent and popular part of the Dr. Demento show.  He passed away in 20006 from a cancerous brain tumor.

The awards are selected this way.  Anyone can nominate a song or videos from the past calender year; re-treatments of old songs are eligible but not re-releases.  The awards chairperson, new one selected each year, picks three people from comedy music fandom and three active comedy musicians for the jury.  Jurors can not participate in the open nomination process.  The jury select from the nominees their top fives from the song pool and give them to the chairperson who tallies the votes.  The five with most votes are announced as nominees and the one with the most votes wins.

Logan Award Statuette

The physical award itself was designed by Jamie Noguchi in honor of Logan Whitehurst’s song “Robot Cat” and can be seen above.  Funding for the whole thing comes from fans of comedy music.  So give if you can to this thing so it can keep going.  Comedy music does not get a lot of respect.

Now for this year’s nominees, with my own personal faves mark with an *.

Out­stand­ing Com­edy Music Video

Grandma Got a Face­book – Your Favorite Mar­t­ian
Jack Spar­row — The Lonely Island (f/Michael Bolton)
Per­form This Way — Weird Al Yankovic
The Creep — The Lonely Island (f/Nicki Minaj)
The Mup­pet Show Theme Song — OK Go and the Muppets *

Out­stand­ing Orig­i­nal Com­edy Song

Athe­ists Don’t Have No Songs — Steve Mar­tin and the Steep Canyon Rangers
Hulkulele – Nuclear Bub­ble Wrap
I Am The Doc­tor — Devo Spice
I Can’t Wrap — Scooter Pic­nic
It’s Not Just For Gays Any­more — Neil Patrick Harris *

Out­stand­ing Par­ody Song

Char­lie Sheen — Power Salad
If I Could Be Weird Al — Mon­eyshot Cos­mo­nauts
Party in the C.I.A. — Weird Al Yankovic
Per­form This Way — Weird Al Yankovic
Snoopy The Dogg — Luke Ski *

The win­ners this year will be announced at Deep­South­Con 50 in Huntsville, AL on June 16th at a special concert.

Check out each of them and pick your favorite.  I will post the winners after the con.


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