More from Nerdapalooza

A few more Nerdapalooza acts and other news have come to light.  Check them out.

Added as Headliners is the NESkimos who have not been at Nerdapalooza since 2006.  They are getting back together just to play this event.

New bands are video game music rockers Armcanon.  Nerdapalooza hometown hero Marc with a Creturns with a full recording of a live performance from Nerdapalooza this year. Geek Rockers Sci-Fried will have some new songs from their latest album.  Also Metriod Metal will be there too.  Sweet.

Nerdcore artist Random aka Mega Ran will be returning, from personal experience he does amazing show try to have something cool for when he free styles with the audience.  Locals MC wreckshin, Shinobi MC, and Rappy McRapperson will be collaborating as the Money Boys at the show.

Some new acts at the show, Professor Shyguy who does dance mashups of pop culture and  D&D Sluggers a duo that utilizes the Nintendo DS and Nintendo Game Boy plus rock guitar with other synth sounds.

Update on brentalfoss,  Descendants of Erdick (as the Cartridge Family) will be his backing band for the weekend.  Something to definitely to see.

2011 Nerdapalooza Live Recordings an album from last year’s show is now public.  You can get it as a digital copy for $7 and/or physical CD for $15.  Other past recordings are available too.  All recordings by EMPulse Records.


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