Johan Knights Signs Contract

Last week singer/songwriter Johan Knight received a recording contract with Mercury Retrograde Press.

He will be creating songs based on their various novels and work with them on the develop of video games and other projects.  The first song will not be out till about January of next year, but then they will be coming out with the release of new books.  Till then he has a lot of reading to do.  He is planning on trying out some new creative and experimental songs with these recordings.

Johan Knight is best known as a paranormal folk musician, singing about haunted houses, ghosts, creepy monsters, and the like.  He has also this year released a steampunk album, The Age Of Steam: Strange Machines, and has done another album about a friend’s comic book project called Nobody Gets The Girl.  This October he will also be releasing Another Creepy Christmas, an album about creepy Christmas songs.  This was a project  he originally had going on Kickstarter to see if any was interested in it and it turns people want creepy Christmas songs.  Other albums in the works are a follow to Age of Steam and one about South Dakota.

Mercury Retrograde Press is a small press publisher of fantasy, sci-fi, and the unconventional stories that might not get told anywhere else.  They publish in novel form and ebooks.



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2 responses to “Johan Knights Signs Contract

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  2. good deal..keep up the good work.

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