Hastune Miku “Live” Performance at Camera 3

This Saturday May 26th at 10pm there will be a “live” Hatsune Miku performance during Fanime Con in San Jose at Camera 3 Cinema brought to you by Vocalekt Visions. This will be a one time performance of the 3D virtual Japanese idol.  This will be the first chance to buy the new CD “V4” Vocalekt Visions Vocaloid Vacation. 

For those who do not know, Vocaloid is a music/singing software from Japan that can be used to create original songs or redo other songs.  Each version of Vocaloid has a different voice database.  Each voice is personified as a different character.  The most popular, and original one, is Miku.

Vocalek Visions is a group of world wide Vocaloid producers (the term for one who writes songs with Vocaloid) formed in 2011.  They are becoming one of the most active Vocaloid groups outside of Japan.   The founders of the group  Tempo-P and NeutrinoP will be at this event.

Their shows do not just include their original music, but by using their own AniMiku software are able to produce a Hatsune Miku hologram that performs along with the music live.  Well not live live, but you get the point.

Tickets for the event are $15 ($12 with Fanime badge) at the door.  They are going to try and get pre order up before in hand.  Glowsticks will be sold there.

For those like me who can’t make it out there, let us hope they work it out for a live video feed of the event.  If they get it to work it will be available on the Vocalekt Visions Facebook Page.

On the same day at Otaku Festival in Bucharest, Romania other members of Vocalekt Visions will be doing a concert over there as well.

Check out VocalektVisions for more information.


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