First Annual NY Funny Songs Fest

A new music festival is coming to New Your City.  The First Annual New York Funny Songs Fest will be 4 days from June 7-10 at assorted venues in Lower East Side of Manhattan.

The event has been organized by comedy musician Jessica Delfino and will feature over 50 other comedy musicians. Such as Rob Paravonian, Jen Kwok, Ben Lerman, Myq Kaplan and Micah Sherman (Myq and Micah), Devo Spice, Soce The Elemental Wizard, Mindy Raf, Carolyn Castiglia, Cock Lorge, David Cope, Killy Dwyer, Barbara Holm, Camille Harris, and comedy videos by Adira Amramand Stuckey & Murray and Adira Amram.  They will tell jokes and perform on everything from guitar to ukulele to harp to rape whistles and more.

The Lower East Side has been a place for comedy musical performance for years and was chosen as the place for the festival.  Shows will be at Tammy Hall, Lolita Bar, Casa Mezcal, The Dressing Room, The Upstairs Bar, and more.

Activities include an opening night party, after parties featuring comedy music videos,  music showcases, group challenge about writing songs about The Anarchists Cookbook, A Night of Dirty Songs, music showcase of 50 musicians playing a short song, karaoke, comedy music industry panel, Comedy Music Awards, and a closing party.

If you want to spend a weekend in New York laughing, this sounds like it.

Tickets and more information are available at and at


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