Two Albums Out This Week

Two albums have come out this week that I would like to highlight.

The first one is from Adam WarRock called Neo-Tokyo.  It is a seven track album based on Akira, the anime movie of Katshiro Otomo’s manga. Production work by DiceptioN, assistants by Chris Haley (of Let’s Be Friends Again) on track 7, and albums cover by Kevin Church.

Adam is one of my favorite rappers out there and this album continues the love.  He is crisp and clear on his vocals, the lyrics are inspired and flow together really well. I have not actually seen the movie my self, even though I am a big anime fan, but just listening to these songs you feel like you can piece it together yourself and understand the feeling of it.  DiceptioN is new to me, but his mixes on this album are fantastic.

It is available for digital download for $5 at Adam’s Bandcamp account.  Recommended highly for fans nerdcore hip-hop and anything about anime.

The other one is a collaboration between two members of the FuMP, Insane Ian and TV’s Kyle.  Together they have formed Scooter Picnic and the albums is Headliners.  Their album is 14.5 songs they wrote and recorded during a February Album Writing Month challenge.  The album also has a couple of short skits, mainly six called “The Sean Connery Mini Abridged Movie Marathon,” for a total of 26 tracks.  They call the albums “the nerdiest nerdcore album evaaaaar” and depending on what you think nerdy is it might just be.

The album runs the gamut of good tracks to pretty bad.  They are all pretty fun though.  The boys actual skill at rapping is not the worst I have every heard; they can flow along with the music at least.  My personal favorite track is probably Tokusatsu Heroes, making fun of transforming superheroes of Japan.

This is also available for digital download at $5 from Scooter Picnic’s Bandcamp account. Recommended moderately for fans of comedy music.  Not so much for rap fans.


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